The Tech War

By @Bananna

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Kade

At the last second, I pulled out my glass sword and lunged forward trying to make contact.

My target pulled out her daggers and almost hit my forehead. I stumbled, fell onto the ground, and hit the side of my head hard. I quickly rolled on my back, cheek bleeding from hitting the ground. Just quick enough to block my opponent’s dagger and hit it away. I used her shock and flipped up on my feet ready to battle. Instead, she ran away causing her battalion to retreat. 

Wozy after losing so much blood, I fell on the ground with a thud. I woke up in our headquarter’s hospital covered with sweat. I checked the monitor screen, it said that I was ready to leave. After tapping my gash with gauze, I pressed the transport button, and slowly entered my room pin. I suddenly was in my room. Well, I probably haven’t explained myself enough. I’m actually Kade, the leader of the tech reign. You can recognize me with my purple eye, but most of the time I wear a tiger mask so people can’t tell it’s me. Let me tell you something. Honestly, we have been fighting for so long that we have forgotten what we’re fighting for. Something about tech, I think. 

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