The Tale of Sonja and Warlof

By @lbiscay1030

The Tale of Sonja and Warlof

By @lbiscay1030

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

In the region of Vingulmark there was the village of Hokksund. Tiny and isolated village full of gloomy people. It is said there was elves that discovered Hokksund, but the Norse took over and inhabited it. The elves seem hidden from this desolate region. Jarl Einar of Hokksund was known for his cruelty and torture he had done to his people. Taking everything from them, raging war on other villages for personal gain. His people were starving, famine had befallen his people. He could not stop. Eventually, he ran out of men and the women no longer had husbands. His people were eventually taken over by other tribes. Farms taken and so there was nothing left for him and his men when they came back. Families murdered in cold blood. Everything was lost.

Jarl Einar resorted to go to the tombs, faraway from the village. Leaving his men to the tribes that took over. The cruelty he had befallen his men was unforgivable. Einar was no jarl anymore. The tombs fit him. A dark place full of gruesome spiders, skeletons and the stench of rot. He found that the crypts offered more than a dark place for his madness, but rather learned of the kings of Vingulmark. So many stories he learned from his father about the blade that had ruined the kings of Vingulmark. All the madness that ran through their veins.

It started when the Norse inhabited Hokksund under the rule of King Warlof, a powerful warrior and strong leader. Warlof had lots of wealth and protected his people. He did not put his people in harm, because he knew they were valuable. He met a woman named Sonja through his journey over from Gotland after a long war with the elves. The young woman was very strange, she had the most beautiful ivory skin and piercing blue eyes. He never had met a woman so unique and beautiful through his personal journey over the Sea of Ghosts.

Sonja was a very different person than the normal norse. She walked like she was limping, but she was just very quirky. Sonja can see the future in many ways, shapes and forms. Maybe it was her slanted blue eyes or dark black hair that made her different. King Warlof couldn’t believe he met this gorgeous, beautiful woman. Such a desolate part of the world. Who would be on the shores of Sea of Ghosts, unless you wanted to be stunned by a wisp. King Warlof cupped Sonja’s face with his gentle hands and her eyes become even more slanted. She smiled with happiness and felt overcomed with love. Then in that moment he fell in love with this gorgeous woman across the Sea of Ghosts.

King Warlof and Sonja travelled a lot. They went on a journey with their men to the Iberian Peninsula. It was much different there than Scandinavia. The heat was terrible and awful. Sonja was burning in the Mediterranean sun. Scandinavia is much colder than the Iberian peninsula. King Warlof fed her juicy grapes full of sweetness and taste to keep her cool. He made sure she was taken care of with the help of her maids to fan her and give her as much wine as she needs. King Warlof and Sonja had a beautiful tan and Warlof’s hair was so golden and long. Sonja couldn’t keep her hands off Warlof. He was irresistible, so handsome and gorgeous with that beautiful tan skin. They made lots of love to each other on the beaches of the Alboran Sea.

The visited the market in the local village and bought fresh calamari straight from the sea. Such a delicacy, they grilled it in butter and salt. They fed each other the calamari and savoured every bit of it. It was so delicious and delicate. They added more white wine to the mood. Then again they were kissing each other and staring deep in each others eyes with such lust. The cosmos weren’t prepared for such romance and happiness. Her eyes met his and they kept falling in love again and again.

They woke up the next day and smiled. Held in each others arms, so tightly and lovingly. Sonja’s hair was so curled, her piercing blue eyes were gorgeous against her golden tan skin. She was an exotic goddess to King Warlof and many others envied her. This one man named Tiberius saw her beauty and tried to woo her with his strength, but this didn’t end well. Warlof found out and got very angry. He hit Tiberius with a rock, causing much anguish between them.

“This is my woman!!!” declared Warlof.

Tiberius scowls.

“No, I laid eyes upon her. You never were here!” remarked Tiberius.

“I’ve known her since the Sea of Ghosts.” shouted Warlof.

“HUHHH????,” asked Tiberius.

“Dimwit!” called Warlof.

“I will not forgive you. This isn’t over!.” shouted Tiberius.

Tiberius walks away with a limp and very angrily growls.

Sonja ran to Warlof’s arms and cries. She was so upset, but glad that Warlof came to save her from the awful Tiberius.

“I was so scared Warlof.” whimpers Sonja.

“I know love. I am here now for you.” replied Warlof.

He passionately kissed her and stopped her tears from falling. The sun was falling and they walked away from the beach and stayed away from their enemy rivalry, Tiberius. As soon as they were almost home they ripped off each others clothes and made intense love to each other. They cuddled each other till the sun made its rise again.

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