The sweetness of Death

By @jillian_neubauer

The sweetness of Death

By @jillian_neubauer

Words having powerful meanings. Don't let you temptations get the best of you.

Chapter 1

“Shut up James.” I screamed across the room “I hate you, I wish you would die.”

“Margo, I don’t think that you mean that.” he replied very calmly.

“how would you know what i mean and what I don’t. You know nothing you fool, just leave me alone.” I screamed with tears running down my face.

“You don’t mean that Margo, you don’t. I am leaving but let me know that you don’t.” He said again.

“I mean it on my life, I hate you James, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. I wish you were dead.” I screamed a final time.

“Okay.” that’s all he said when he walked out of my room

Finally he’s gone, i thought to myself i cant just be alone now.

Later that evening went downstairs, and found a cupcake with a note that said “DO NOT EAT”and thinking that James put it there for a test to see if i would eat it, to see if i had not changed or eat it and become forgiving with him, just like he did last time. Of course i ate it, why wouldn’t i. Immediately i felt nauseous and started puking. something was wrong with the cupcake, like it was poisoned or something. I looked around for some help.

“JAMES” i whelped, but no sound came out

I could feel my throat closing up I was dying someone or something poisoned me. I looked around the Kitchen one more time hopelessly, to find a shadow lurking in the corner mouthing the words

“Hate Is A Strong Word”

That was the last thing i saw before i died.

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