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The Story You Shouldn’t Read Aloud

By @athlete_girl

Chapter 1

As I stared at myself in my bathroom mirror with a yawn, I got ready for the homecoming game excitedly. I decided to go with simple makeup and some added eye black. After I was pleased with my blonde straightened curtain bangs and curled hair, I walked into my room to change. I swiftly changed into washed out and baggy ripped jeans, a silky black crop top, and my pink bubblegum Air Jordan 1’s. I also grabbed a tan zip up hoodie, in case it was cold. “Hi mom!” I greeted my mother.

“Well you look nice honey,” my mom answered kindly as she stirred her tea.

“Thanks!” I replied gratefully as I stuffed my phone in my pocket and grabbed my keys. “I’m headed to the game, see you tonight unless I end up going somewhere or something, bye!” I added, walking out the door. The lights blinked as I unlocked my white rubicon jeep. Right after I buckled my seatbelt, I tuned to 105.1 the Buzz and jammed out until I got to LOHS. 

“Okay, have fun!” my mom exclaimed.

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