The Story of Princes

By @AlexManor

The Story of Princes

By @AlexManor

Just your average story of two princes who run away from their kingdoms. Nothing special. Nothing at all.

Chapter 2

Soleil of Sun

Princess Soleil wasn’t much of a princess. Instead, they were more masculine, not wearing their dresses and makeup. He was trans, only going by the title “Princess” because his parents refused to call him otherwise. Soleil tried to tell them, he was just given the wrong body by the Sun God, that he knew he was a boy. His parents refuted that the Sun God makes no mistakes, and that it was just a phase like the Moon has, and that’s why he was marrying the Moon Prince. 

So, Soleil gave up. Being pansexual, he did still like boys as well as girls, and every other gender in between. He just didn’t want to marry someone who would call him a girl, a princess. Soleil wanted to get out, to be free of the social boundaries saying that he had to stay his assigned gender. That he couldn’t be trans. Then an idea came to him. He would run

Running meant leaving royalty behind, leaving all he has ever known. But it also meant that he would be free. It was decided, that he would would leave tonight. He just needed to figure out how. 

Leaving through the window was no option. Three stories up, he would break his legs jumping, and he had no rope. He would have to leave from downstairs. Soleil packed a small bag with a few outfits and sneaked down to the kitchen. He filled a flask with water and grabbed some fruit and pastries, along with some dried meats and fruits that would last longer. 

Sneaking out through the window, he caught himself face to face with the rising sun. Soleil didn’t realize it was that time yet. He ran through the desert their Kingdom was located in, pulling his cloak to better cover his face. Everyone would be looking for a princess, wearing an expensive dress with rubies and sunstone. They wouldn’t think twice about a boy wearing pants and a cloak.  

The sand blew into his eyes while he ran, so Soleil snagged someones googles off a cart. He dropped more than enough coins to cover it, so the merchant wouldn’t be mad about it. The last thing he needed was for the merchant to ruin his cover. 

At the edge of his kingdom lies a valley. It’s sort of a oasis, with a river running through it, with lush grass and all sorts of creatures. It doesn’t belong to them, or the next Kingdom over, the Kingdom of the Moon. Anyone can go there, and it is viewed as a safe haven. There are a few little huts there, and Soleil can go to the nearest Moon village for supplies, and get the rest by foraging, and selling what he doesn’t need. It’ll do perfectly. 

He only needed to hide for a bit. Just enough to ***** his Kingdom, and his parents, into letting him be who he is. Then he would go back, and become the next King of the Sun.

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