The Stars Are Brighter In Your Eyes

By @bookeater8
The Stars Are Brighter In Your Eyes

Evion Windsor is an orphan, who is graduating from the orphanage. She is getting more anxious about being on her own and having a lot of responsibilities. She understands that her paths with her best friends Mian and Ria are going to split, but she believes they are going to hold on to each other no matter what. As the evening of her graduation goes on, a dangerously handsome guest speaker, Mr. Montero who is not any older than Evie comes up on the stage to give his speech. With that, he comes

Chapter 1


Today is the day of my graduation. Technically, our class’ graduation day. Usually, on this kind of day, I was the one who prepared all the graduates. Makeup, dresses, shoes. All of this mess was so exhausting. But today, I am the one who is standing on the high stool surrounded by a bunch of freshmen girls who is getting myself ready.

While the girls were working on my dress, I looked in the mirror and saw a pretty, smiling girl in a light purple, long, puffy dress who seemed like a normal eighteen-year-old girl, whose big day is finally here. For me, this day was a very big deal, because this day meant that after this summer, I’m going to be on my own. With nobody to feed me, dress me, and provide hostage.

While I was thinking it all inside of my head, my teacher, Mrs. Light came into the room,

“Evie, you look stunning! Are you about ready? I brought something for you,” Mrs. Light stretched out her arms, passing a shoe box to Mia.

“Thank you, Mrs. Light. Yes, I am ready. I just need to put the shoes on and I will be downstairs in a second.”

With these words, I stepped down from the stool and Lily, the girl who did my make up, passed me the box with the shoes. I’ve always been a big fan of pretty, shiny shoes, just like the girls from families wear on a daily basis, with their cute outfits, but I could not allow myself to buy a pair. They were so expensive. That’s maybe why I was nearly screaming when I opened the box with the shoes that Mrs. Light gave me. They were shiny white, with a purple ribbon going across the ankle and tying up around the heel.

“They are precious! Thank you so much, Mrs. Light! These are the prettiest shoes I’ve ever seen.”

“You are very welcome my dear. I’m glad you like them,” Mrs. Light hugged me tightly and kissed the tip of my head. She became my savior and my best friend throughout the five years I’ve lived here. She has done so much for me, I can’t ever thank her enough.

“I really do!” I said and looked up at her. She smiled at me and said,

“Now get ready and hurry up. You don’t want the guests waiting. ”

“Yes, ma’am,” I put my shoes on and turned back to the mirror to look at myself again.

“Perfect!” I smiled at myself and headed to the auditorium.


As I came downstairs to the auditorium, I found that almost everybody was already there, but some guests were still coming in and settling down. It was loud because everyone was talking, and the music was playing loudly. I felt a party atmosphere looking at all the people and decorations. No wonder, we spent a whole month making the decorations and hanging them up around the auditorium. I was so caught up looking around the room that I didn’t even notice Mian who came up from behind me,

“Hey Evie, you look stunning today!” Mian and I have been friends since I came here, which was six years ago. Mian was the first one who welcomed me with warmness and kindness. He became my best friend in the place where all the people care only for themselves. But he looked out for me and helped me with all the problems I had getting used to all the kids and rules in the school.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” I said as I looked him up and down. Mian was wearing a brand new black tuxedo that fit him just right, and he looked like a real gentleman. He bowed down.gesturing to the stage, I laughed and went ahead, Mian followed me.

As we got into the line, everyone was talking about how nervous they were.

“What face should I make when I’m going to take a picture with the principal?” I heard Loosie asking her minions Jacie and Ruby. Loosie is one of the meanest girls in our class, figures… She was always trying to prank me because I was one of the nerdy girls. A typical high school situation, but she annoys me a lot. But to my luck, soon she is going to be a part of my past life. I am very glad that this nightmare is going to be over.

As of right now, I have to enjoy the moment of my graduation and step into the very complicated labyrinth of adulthood.

As our line was getting smaller and it was soon to be my turn to go on the stage and get my degree, my heart started beating very fast. My breath became quick and short. I was having a little panic attack. It happens to me from time to time, especially when I get very excited or worried about something.

“It’s going to be alright.” I heard Ms. Starlet as she hugged me from behind.

“It is.” I heard myself saying before I could think about the response.

“Evion Windsor!” The principal shouted into the microphone. It was my turn. I slowly walked towards him. My legs felt like two sticks of French bread filled with molten copper. The lights were shining so brightly into my eyes, I couldn’t see the audience, but I could hear the claps.

“Congratulations, Evion!” Mr. Ellison smiled as he handed me my degree. It seemed so heavy like it has collected all of the tears and sleepless nights over the years, I’ve worked so hard at school to earn this piece of cardboard, and now I could feel the whole weight of it.

I smiled back at Mr. Ellison as I shook his hand and practically ran down the stage to find my seat by Mian and Ria. As I found them they were sitting with their degrees clutched in their hands, all happy and smiling.

“You looked so confident yet very pretty.” Said, Mian, as he stood to let me through to my seat.

“Well, thank you, to be honest, I felt everything, but confident.”

“Guys, I can’t believe, this nightmare is going to be over soon and we are going to be free!” Said Ria and clapped. She was always so free-spirited and outgoing, I knew that she was waiting for this freedom for about as long as I have.

“We are going to be free!Yass!” Exclaimed Mian and shook Ria. They were laughing and that was all I needed. I was always happy to see my best friends smiling and hearing their laughs made my day in an instant, but soon, our paths will disperse, and everything will change. Just like everything in this world does.

“Evie, stop that inner monologue with yourself,” said Ria and snapped me back into reality. I was doing it pretty frequently because it calmed me down, but Ria often got frustrated because of that.

“Sorry guys, I zoned out for a moment.”

“You’ve been doing it the whole morning,” complained Mian and looked at Ria.

“Girl, I understand you are nervous, but you’ve got to have fun! You are not graduating from the orphanage every day. Tonight we are making memories that are going to be stuck with us for our whole lives. Don’t ruin them for us and most importantly don’t ruin them for yourself. We love you very much, and we want to make this day special for you. But you have to at least try to relax and postpone all your worries.”

“Yes, I’m sorry guys for being such a loser tonight, thank you guys, I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you two.”

And this was true. They became my family over the years. We’ve been through a lot. Through all of it, we’ve held each other tight and never lost our grip, and it’s not going to happen. Except, for now, I have to give into my happiness and don’t mess up this fun evening for any of us, because ahead of us lies a very big and hard road of adulthood where we can lose ourselves and never find each other again.

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