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The Special Speck

By @Moomintroll

In the vastness and void

I am just a grain

A particle

The grand opera plays

Through comedy and tragedy

The world applauds

While the speck observes

While the sands of time wash over me

Ignoring me

For I am minute



All my endevours

All my labours

Are fleeting and insignificant

While time resumes

And power waxes and wanes

The glorious bedazzle the stones

The audacious stand, for a short while

Then fade

Just like me


In my moment

I know

I feel

I love

No grain could have such passion as I

Could ask the questions I dare to ask

Could seek beyond the familiar

To embrace the unthinkable

And taste the unknown

This grain lays upon a hazardous shore

Where tides and fauna hold sway

And the grain does not deride or decide

But acquiesces

With quiet assuredness

This grain does not struggle to be known

Does not beseech the approval of the universe

For in me are all the majesties and mysteries of life

And for me

This tapestry dances

And I rejoice

And I sing

For one brief second

A song

A melody of life

Such as can never be heard from the rock mass

Upon the waves of oblivion, of uncertainty

I flounder

One grain

On the vast shore of existence

Awaiting the builder’s loving craft

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