The solicitor

By @Soltori
The solicitor

Good, Bad, and indifference. The land of Khaos is separated into three different nations, Erebus, Baldr, and Odr. Fueled by Avidite, an energy witch powers the people giving them unique abilities and weapons, each nation seek their goals.

Chapter 1


His aura was that of pure darkness. The dark purple fire surrounded his entire figure, as if were his skin. Our weapons returned to Avidite, as we gazed upon his sovereignty. His long fiery black coat just barely missing the ground and the body’s that lay spilt over it.

Men! Remember why we fight and who were fighting for! Don’t falter, use your bare hands if it means defeating the enemy and gaining more Avidite. This is for the people who need protection and our Glorious nation!!

At first I was angry since our commander just sent over 200 of our nation’s strongest men to their untimely demise, but after I saw him charge at the monster in front of him with no hesitation, I felt a sinister smile overcome my usually sullen expression as the illogical idiots commited suicide.

[Mori]- Rite common! Why are you standing there, and wipe the smirk off your face, it’s disgusting.

Despite this remark I still cared for Mori, and dashed straight twords him, grabbed his arm, and threw him several yards back.

[Rite]- Their dead. You should know that yourself.

[Mori]- I know but still….

[Rite]- So you’d willingly kill yourself for the sake of upholding your pride? For the people in this village who are cowering in fear while were fighting?

[Mori]- Just because I don’t have a high chance of surviving doesn’t mean I’ll sit by as the enemy ravages this…

All of a sudden I saw a long chain eveloped by darkness fly at our comrades. They were a few feet away from the monster, and as if space around us broke, the several building long chain flew at their belies with force strong enough to decimate any physical entity who doesn’t submit. The dark purple energy surrounding the whip seemed to be what killed them, but the whip separated single, recognizable bodies into multiple, deformed masses of bones and flesh. For some reason it felt like I lost control of my mind and my perception of reality along with it. 

He abruptly disappeared after wiping out the whole unit in one logic defying strike. I looked to my side, and saw Mori rolled up in a ball with tears streaming down his face. Then I looked at the “feild” where The slaughter occured. The scene that appeared before me was quite different than what I thought happened. However the end result was the same, the death of our unit.

For some reason I was laughing uncontrollably, but I didn’t know why…

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