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The Skylar Kingdom

By @Makeyousmile

Chapter 1

Opening my locker, I sigh. There is so little privacy these days. I pick out my books and schoolwork before slamming the locker shut once again. 

“Elora!” Yells a person I don’t know. I jump, startled by her. She gave me an innocent expression. I shudder when I think of what her motives were. 

“What do you want?” I snap. 

“Can we be friends?” She gives me a doe eye and a hopeful look. 

“No,” I answer as I start walking to my class. 

“But why?” She has a fallen expression on her face. 

“Because you use me to get to my brother, and also, you want my money.” I say as I reach the classroom door.

The disappointed face of the girl tells me that I hit the spot. “Get out of my sight!” I snarl as I watch her scramble away from me.

I open the classroom door and step inside. Taking my place next to my twin, I slide my hand down my face. “Tough day?” Whispers Bert from my back. 

“Duh.” I sigh, raking my hands through my brunette hair. “Everyone is trying to use me to get to you.” I rolled my eyes.

He flips his hair. “That’s because I’m awesome.” I hit him upside the head and ignore his pout. 

“Stop being so arrogant,” I tell him before doing my school work. 

“Sorry.” He mutters, rubbing his arms protectively. 

My eyebrows shoot up. He never apologizes. “What’s up with you today?” I ask him, suspicious. “You’re being extra nice today.” 

“I heard the conversation and uh…I peeked through the door and saw you.” He grimaces and ducks his head in shame. 

“You know better than to poke your nose in my business,” I say half-heartedly, rolling my eyes. 

“Yeah.” He cringes as if expecting to be hit. 

“So why?” I ask him. 

“I have the same problems with you with the boys.” He gives me a fake bright smile. 

I laugh. “No way,” I say disbelievingly. “I don’t look nice. Not at all. On the other hand…” I look at my twin up and down. 

“The girls are all drooling for you, Bert.” I roll my eyes. “They would literally drop their bloody pants for you if you show up.” I cross my arms over my chest.

“Har har.” He attempts to cover his blush but fails. 

“Okay, changing the subject, how the hell do you think that the boys like me?” I question. 

“They blush every time you walk through the halls, girl!” He exclaims. The teacher clears his throat. “Sorry.” He whispers. 

“And if you brush past them, the other bys will never hear the end of it.” He rolls his eyes. “Including me. And it is annoying.” 

I never knew that. All I ever knew is that they want to be friends with me because of my brother’s features. He has high cheekbones, brunette hair, his lashes are…quite long I guess, and he has dashing blue eyes. Not that I am complimenting him. That will never happen. 

On the other hand, me… I’m not half as pretty as he is. I mean, I also have high cheekbones and brunette hair, maybe my lashes are long, but my eyes are weird. Like plain weird. My eyes change colours when I don’t want them to, and it’s just weird. 

I’m so lost in my own thoughts I almost don’t hear the bell ring. Almost. I take my backpack and swing it across my shoulder. “Let’s go, lil’ bro.” 

He scowls. “Don’t call me that.” I roll my eyes and take his hand and we walk towards the exit. 

“Hey hey!” Shouts Heather, my BFF. 

“Heath!” I smile as I run toward her and give her a big hug. “Why are you here?” I ask as pull back and beam at her. 

“Just walkin’ around and I thought maybe you’d be happy to see your bestie picking you up.” She gives me a mock frown. “Or you don’t…” She starts as she pretends to walk away from us. 

“Oh no, you didn’t!” I yell as I run towards her and tackle her from behind. Chuckling, Bert comes beside as and put a hand on my shoulder. I shrug it off.

“So…What do we do now?” I say, holding Heather’s hand. 

“Heather can come home with us and we can probably convince mom to let her stay for a while,” Bert suggests.

“I mean, sure, why not?” Heather shrugs. I give a small shrug in return. 

“I agree.” We all say at the same time.

We all look at each other and grin. “Jinx!” We yell at the same time. Laughing, I swing my hands around the shoulder of my best friend and my twin. 

We joke all the way home. I am doubling over the joke my brother told about some pickles until I see Amber standing in front of our door, looking troubled. 

Amber is a confident girl and she is always calm. She is never troubled. Never. This has to be something disastrous.

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