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The Sister

By @MeaningfulMee

The Sister

The sister learned to block the world out with music,

cos it silenced the sound of fighting.

The sister stood in the rain waiting,

cos they were never on time.

The sister learned to put on not crocodile tears but crocodile smiles,

cos life always had to go on.

The sister learned not to talk about your feelings,

cos feelings were pain and hers didn’t matter.

The sister learned not to talk in general,

cos no one was ever listening.

The sister was the punch bag with words and sometimes even fists,

cos they needed one.

The sister learned self hate young,

cos that was what was they showed to her.

The sister learned that her worth was less than a rain drop’s,

cos that’s what they told her.

The sister carried that on,

cos she didn’t know how to let go.

The sister does not show them her writing,

cos she knows they don’t care.

The sister is angry all the time,

cos she’s hurting but nobody’s there.

The sister dated the first boy that asked,

cos she was told she didn’t deserve a man.

The sister sees the worst in people,

cos the people see the worst in the sister.

The sister learned to shout,

cos even after all of that she knows that she was meant to heard.

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