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The Sister

By @LiteraryAndMore

The Sister

The four-year-old girl who was playing with her brother in the one-second turned around and suddenly started to scream brutally when she saw his tiny body swimming in the sea.

Usually, the mother was directly behind the kids, sitting on a towel, reading a book, and looking up every ten seconds to check if her children were alright. 

But she wasn’t. The girl screamed louder.

There were people around the siblings. 

One elderly couple and two teenagers laying at the end of the beach. For the older man, it was obvious that he was going to help. He wrapped up his shirt and within a few seconds, he was able to run after the little boy. 

But the girl didn’t even notice.

She had two options made up in her head. 

Looking for her mother or trying to go after her brother on her own who she saw drifting into the sea further and further with every passing second.

She shouted her mother’s name because she knew she couldn’t swim that well to rescue her brother. 

But then her mother finally ran out of the restaurant which was located only a few steps away from the small girl. 

Her mother was looking terrified as she had never heard her daughter scream with that much pain in her voice. Then she saw her son with his head facing the water; he couldn’t cry, did not even flinch.

“Mama”, shouted the girl. She wanted her to do something. She needed her to rescue her brother. A few seconds later as her mother was running over the stone beach, still wearing her clothes and didn’t even bother to strip off her shoes the little girl was still screaming after her brother tears streaming down her face.

Water was running against the mother’s waist, her trousers sucking up the water.

Finally, finally, she reached him. Holding him up.

His eyes were red, caused by the sault, his tiny breast standing still.

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