The Sinister Wife

By @BookReaderLynn
The Sinister Wife

Alfred Ward had it all. A great job, loving wife and great friends. Until one night changes everything and suddenly his perfect life isn't so perfect after all.

Chapter 1

It was a night like any other when I sat down to have dinner with my wife of two years Jules Ward.

My name is Alfred Ward, I’m thirty three years old and I should have died today.

Let me explain a bit about myself, Me and Jules were college sweethearts. I majored in criminal law and she in fashion design. We dated for a year and a half and wed when we were 30.

I thought life was perfect and that she was happy.. Little did I know that soon our happy little life was about to take a major turn.

Our day began just like every other day Jules packed me a homemade lunch and we both went to work she at a popular fashion magazine and me to the police station where I worked as a top detective with my partner Frank Bulldogg.

We had just wrapped up a big case and I invited Frank over for dinner of course he said sure and that he’d meet me at the house.

Frank lived by himself since his wife left him. He was a good man and a great cop and like his namesake once he found a clue he was like a dog with a bone.

On my way home I nibbled on the watercress sandwich Jules had made for my lunch it tasted okay, she was always trying new fad diets and I was generally her guinea pig.

When I pulled into the drive I saw that Jules had beaten me home and had started on dinner “Hey honey I’m home.” I said walking in the door and loosening my tie.

Jules poked her head around the corner of the door from the kitchen “Hi dear! Did you have a good day at work? I’m fixing your favorite stuffed peppers and broccoli cheddar soup for dinner.” She responded giving me a peck on the cheek as I walked by.

“That sounds amazing hun.. Oh I hope you don’t mind but I invited Frank over for dinner to celebrate this big case we just closed.”

I looked over to Jules with a smile. “It was the one I told you about the bank robbery?”

“Oh yes I remember dear.. Sure it’s no problem, you know I adore Frank and his funny jokes” she smiled “Why don’t you go change dinner is almost ready and I’ll let Frank in when he comes.”

I smiled and nodded then headed up the stairs to our room and then I changed my clothes. Later after we all had dinner. Frank, Jules and I were sitting in the living laughing at Franks jokes when I noticed my eyes were going funny and I knew I had been poisoned.

Alfred slid to the floor in a faint and Jules cried out in shock “Al? Alfred?!” She said shaking him as Frank called 911 in very short order, the ambulance was there and then they took Alfred to the hospital.

Jules sat crying into her handkerchief as the police talked to her outside Alfred’s room. “There was trace amounts of poison found in his bloodstream it was slow acting and thankfully he didn’t have enough in his body to kill him.Unfortunately he is in a coma.” the Police Chief said to Jules patting her shoulder gently. “Poison? How’d did he get poison?” Frank asked narrowing his eyes, “he didn’t eat anything all day except when we had dinner and I’m fine as is Mrs. Ward.”

“We don’t know yet Frank. Maybe he stopped for a bite to eat on the way home.” Chief Jones shook his head. “Best thing right now is to go home and hope he wakes up soon” he said looking down at Jules who was still quietly sobbing.

Frank nodded and helped Jules to her feet. “I’ll take Jules home Chief see you in the morning.” He said steering her to the entrance of the hospital and to his car.

The ride back to the house was quiet and when Jules got out of the car she smiled sadly. “Thanks Frank I’ll be okay. The Lord will help Al. This I know.”

Frank nodded. “I’ll pick you up in the morning to go see him if you want ma’am.” he said glancing over at Jules who shook her head “No, you go on in to work, I can drive myself goodnight Frank.” She smiled and walked to the door and waved as he drove off. Once Jules got inside she let her smile fall and wiped her eyes of all traces of tears. “Stupid ass couldn’t have just died.. I used exactly the amount he told me.” She snarled, tossing the wine glasses into a Glad garbage bag as well as the leftovers that Alfred hadn’t eaten. “Can’t let them find the evidence.” She muttered and started dragging the bag outside when suddenly the police pulled in front of her house and they pointed their guns at her. “Drop the bag Jules and put your hands in the air now.”

Jules frowned. “What is all of this Fran….ALFRED?! But but but.”

I smiled at my wife sadly. “You thought I was in a coma right? Sorry sweetie but I knew you were going to try and kill me for a long time. And I knew right when I took a drink that there was poison in that glass and I knew I was right, thanks to my having worked in the lab a few years ago. Sadly my dear, a little poison won’t hurt me and now you are under arrest.”

                                                   The End

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