The Silence Is The Key

By @Ariadna25
The Silence Is The Key

This story is about two teenagers call Ode and Macall, both of them have visions but neither of them have complete ones. Macall can see everything but he can't hear anything they said, Ode can hear everything but she can't see anything that is happening. For having complete visions they need each other, and when the government hears about this kids they want to use their visions to win a war that ther are about to lose. The kids are trying to escape from them, but will they be able to?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The escape

Chapter 1: The Escape

This is not a story full of joy or justice, this is the story of two young kids that have been persecuted for their own people. This all started some years back with two young kids called Ode and Macall, neither of them were older than 5 years when they started having visions. Neither of them could see the whole visions on their own, they needed each other to see the visions. This is because Ode is partially blind and Macall is partially deaf, when they were together the visions were full of sound and color. 

Macall and Ode grew up in a small community, their mothers were the most wonderful women in the place. They were filled with love and kindness. Their kids were always good friends, they will always help each other. Macall will help Ode read and write sometimes, and Ode will always make sure that Macall knew everything he needed around school. They were happy, but as I already said this story is not full of joy. A war started in their country, the danger increased by the second. The visions also increased, they used them to move to a safe place during the war.

One day a soldier was doing his laps around the place and saw the two kids sitting on the floor with their eyes close, out of nowhere everything went dark and the kids started glowing like a lamp. The man got scared, but he couldn’t stop himself. They started floating, the man couldn’t believe what he was seeing. After a few seconds the light went back on, and the kids were sitting back on the floor. The man heard Ode saying “They are attacking at Sorran today so we can stay here one more night, but they are planning an attack here so we should move really soon.” The kids went away and the man was alone with his thoughts for a moment, he was thinking “How is it possible?, they already knew where we were attacking! I should tell my commander.”

The man ran all the way back to the base, and told all that he had seen to his commander. Surprisingly the commander believed every word the soldier said, he smiled and said “This is our winning ticket, go find the kids now!!” 

Ode and Macall felt another vision coming, so they sat down and waited for it to come. They saw the conversation with the commander, they got scared. When their mothers saw this they asked “Kids what’s wrong.” then taking a big breath Macall said “They know about the visions, they are coming for us!” Their mothers didn’t even say a word, they packed two backpacks with some food and clothes. Ode’s move said “Come on grab the bags, we are going.” The kids did what they were told, the four of them walked towards the train station that would take them all the way to Era. In the train station there were a troop of soldiers, they could pass through them or at least not all of them. 

As the kids were about to give their mothers grabbed them by the shoulders, Macall mom made sure that Macall was looking at her face for him to read her lips as she said “Macall we are going to distract the soldiers, you and Ode run to the train. Never forget you are her eyes and she is your ears, you need each other. Silence is the key to your powers, never forget. Now go” Ode’s and Macall’s mom jumped out and distracted the soldiers, Macall jumped out and grabbing Ode’s hand starts running to the train. They jumped in an open cabin and hid, the train was about to start moving. They saw how their moms were captured by the soldier and were taken away, the train started moving and they were on their way to Era.


Even though Macall was just a year older than Ode he always tried to make her feel better no matter what, he would make jokes and remind her of the times he didn’t know how to talk. Ode tried not to think of what could have happened to their moms, until she asked Macall in sign language “Do you think that our moms are okay?” Macall told her “Our moms are the strongest people that we know, they are going to be fine.” Ode sighted and lay down, she saw him and said “You are right.” Macall smiled and said “Even though I’m practically deaf, I could hear that one. I like when I’m able to hear your voice, it’s nice” Ode giggled and answered “Well I can’t really see more than the shape of your head, but it is also nice. Now we should try to get some sleep.” Macall nodded and went to sleep.

The next morning the train had just stopped, the kids knew that the first stop was in Europe so they got off the train and started walking towards the exit. The good thing is that around Era there were two major languages and the kids speaked them both, as they got down Ode told Macall in sign language “See the signs around you, are they on Tru or in Gro.” Macall looked around and told her “They are in Gro, Ode.” She nodded and said “Okay we need to ask someone if they know a place we can spend the night in, and if they ask where our mothers are we just tell them that we don’t have moms.” Macall nodded, as he grabbed Ode’s arm for her to walk with him, they got close to a woman. 

Macall touched the woman’s shoulder as he started talking in Gro “Excuse me, my friend and I wanted to know if you would know of a place that we could spend the night at close by?” The woman saw them and asked “Such young kids, shouldn’t you be traveling with your parents?” Ode answered “We probably should, but we don’t really have any.” The woman looked worried as she said “Well that is terrible, I think I know a place that could help you then. Follow me.” Macall made sure that Ode was grabbing his arm as strong as she could and started following the woman, as they walked with her the woman asked “My dear, why do you would like this. Does one of you have eye problems?” Macall nodded as he said “Ode is partially blind and I’m partially deaf, we help each other all the time because of it.” 

The woman walked them through the doors of a really big building, Ode asked Macall in Sign language “What does the sign in the door say?” Macall looked up at the sign and answered in Tru “Orphanage” The woman looked at them and told them “I’m the head mistress of this Orphanage, as you are going to be staying here there are rules that you need to follow. We use uniforms, we have specific times for breakfast, lunch and dinner that you must be present at. There is a girls dorm and a guys dorm, but I might do an exclusion for you two since I don’t think anyone in the building will be helpful for either of you too. There are no fights, if I caught either of you fighting with another student there are consequences.” Both Ode and Macall Nodded.

 But one more thing in what grade are you guys in?” Macall looked at the woman and said “If I did understand we are in 9th grade, Ode jumped a grade.” The woman said “Wonderful, like this I don’t need to put anyone on my staff to help you during classes. Okay kids let’s go, I will show you your room.” Ode exclaimed “But I thought you said there were dorms.” The Woman exclaimed “Yes there are dorms, but as the exclusion for you guys to help each other you will have your own room. Just one thing if I ever catch you doing things that you shouldn’t just because you share a room, I will put you in the dorms and let you suffer without help.” Both of them nodded, the mistress said “wonderful, now follow me”  

They followed the woman to a room that had two beds and a bathroom, it also had a small closet. The mistress told them “So this would be your room, you can get comfortable. I will get your uniforms and be right back.” Ode and Macall put their bags down and sit on the beds waiting until the mistress came back, she came back with the uniforms and said “Here you go, lunch is served at 12:30pm so please get ready and go down okay.” Macall stopped here when she was about to live and said “ How should we call you?” She answered “Call me Mrs. White.” She went away, the kids got into their uniforms, Macall helped Ode with her tie as he told her in Tru “This place is safe for now, but they will find us if we stay here for too long.” Ode answered with a simple “I know, but right now is our best option. We should probably go before we get punished for being late.” 

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