The Shatter Wars; A short story

By @xtian_Banks

The Shatter Wars; A short story

By @xtian_Banks

The chapter in essence sets out the premise of the universe I am writing my story in. The chapter tells the historical landscape that the story will take place through a brief telling of Humanity's last war in the stars and its cataclysmic ending. It also acts as a brief introduction to the main character and shares a little of how he took part in that war.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

The Shattering, the event that ended the last war humanity would ever fight. The war had begun in the year 2998. By the year 3000 the human race had been almost driven to extinction. The shattering had been final blow of that terrible conflict that had changed the course of humanity’s future for ever. The enemy had come from the depths of empty space without warning or communication. They first arrived at Saturn. They got nicknamed Massers as there was never any dialogue and their name never got discovered. The Massers were called so because when they attacked a world it was for the purpose of converting its entire biomass into more of their kind. A whole world stripped down to its very core and then the core split up and atomized to fuel their bio-mechanical ships.

Saturn and all its orbiting habitats, shipyards and cloud cities ceased to exist within 3 days of their arrival. After that they flew blindly into the solar system searching for other worlds. By this point humanity had gathered its strength and a titanic battle was fought in the dark void of space. 2 billion lives were lost but much of the enemy fleet had burned too. Not enough though for in their blind stumbling in the dark they came across the dwarf planet Pluto and it too was devoured. Just like that they were replenished enough that their fleet out matched what humanity had left.

From what humanity’s best scientist could tell the Massers were some sort of hive mind race. Working as one single organism to a single purpose to expand. They seemed to lack any traditional sense of star navigation. Instead they seemed to blindly go out into the void and would send pings out into space to collide with celestial bodies to provide their orientation almost like a bat with echo location. It was quickly realised that they relied on numbers to make these pings bigger and that If they reached a critical mass size, they could detect the next solar system over and perhaps at a size unthinkable, another galaxy.

Within three months of their arrival Mercury and Venus had fallen too. Humanity in total had lost 17 billion lives between the three planets and the battle. Humanity clung to our last strongholds on Mars, the Moon and Earth. Jupiter and the other two major planets had never been colonised. So as a final roll of the dice a plan was formed. 5 space stations would be built far out in the void away from any planet. They would be built right until the moment they were needed. Humanities best and brightest would be brought to the Moon. The theory being that as it lacked a core it was thought it might be ignored while the earth was consumed first when the Massers came, and so the evacuation of those destined for the station would commence from there.

The second part of the plan were the shatter bombs. Explosive device the likes of which had never been dreamed of by humanity before. The shatter bombs were designed to weaponize the core of the planet and cause it to collapse in on itself creating a black hole. Shatter bombs successfully destroyed Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter. This left a bomb to be placed in the Earth’s crust, and Mars. As the Mars weapon became ready to be sent the Massers found Mars. Humanity had ended up having a year to prepare as the Massers went around stripping the solar system clean of asteroid belts or the remnants of the world’s destroyed by the shatter bombs. It was a miracle it took them so long to find Mars.

So what remained of the fleet and what ships had been built in the ensuing year flung themselves into a hopeless battle above Mars. Their sole aim had been to buy enough time for the shatter bomb to be installed into the planet’s crust. None of the ships returned from that mission and Mars fell silent the next day until an implosion of massive proportions was detected and followed by a black hole. Another 12 billion souls had perished but so too had much of the Massers fleet. Enough remained though for them to take Earth.

In the time it took them to find Earth the 5 space stations were built to hold a capacity of 70,000 people. 3 habitation stations, one science and research station, and one hydroponics and industrial station. The aim of this hail Mary was for Humanity to survive having wiped out the Massers with the final shatter bomb. In surviving we then had to endure, and finally crack the ability to travel to another solar system to start new human colonies and rebirth the race.

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