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The Shadow of You (Poem)

By @Parmida R. A.

The Shadow of You

Such a vague feeling it was,

When I drowned into the ocean of you

The deeper I fell, the safer I felt

A sudden thrust of life you bring into my dead veins

All behind me was just a mirage

And all ahead of me is real

Such a feeble memory it was,

But vivid, as the daylight, as trees

I never lived, but the moment I was with you

Such a dim figure is on the wall of my heart:

The shadow of you, 

Gazing at me in silence,

Roaming over my thoughts,

Following me wherever I go

Such a vague dream it was:

We lay on grasses, pointed out the clouds

Let the breeze dance on our faces, 

Let the sun brightens our skin.

By the shore, we sat, with no words to utter

We Kept watching the sunlight as it vanished behind the waves 

We Stayed until the azure curtain of the sky turn into black 

Until the stars come on the stage

To play hide and seek, 

To whisper the cosmos script in a soundless language

To divulge secrets of the universe with a steady glow behind the shade

Until the moonlit lightens our way home

And the sea accompanies us with its symphony

Such a vague feeling it was,

For I felt lost in an infinite darkness

Yet I found the meaning of life in your starry eyes

I sank into you – so deep that I lost the touch of the WORLD OUTSIDE

My realities became unreal in a blink; 

My dreams turn into real

Here I am now,

Seating by the coast alone, counting the stars

Talking to the sky, listening to waves

Imagining you here with me.

Still, I feel the warmth of your arms 

Still, I remember your sweet smile

Still, I treasure your eyes inflamed with tears

My heart is haunted by the phantom of you

I am cursed to burn in your love

But love is not a flickering flower

Love is a Pheonix; it burns in silence,

But then, it raises from the ashes 

And burns again

So I rise from the flames,

Rummage my thoughts every day,

And dive into my dreams every night

Until I find you among my sunken memories, 

And I will, dear, stay there forever with your shadow 

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