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The Scarred Family

By @ingrishman

Daval and parkers adventure

Daval and parker finished putting enough supplies in their backpacks for the day trip. No one knew what was done the waterfall on the edge of town. It was a nice day out so they decided to go out on a quick exploration. The hill wasnt very tall but they decided to go around the long way to make the walk a little easier. Daval wasnt much of a talker but parker loved to just chit chat about anything and daval loved listening to his son. Even just the grass dancing slowly in the wind gave parker enough to talk about for a large part of the walk down to the pool from the waterfall. The pool at the bottom was shallow and small it had a rocky bottom with just a few of the yellow birds that were all over the grassy plain. The walk down the hill was quicker than they thought so they kept following down river. It wasnt much more than a stream so the two bounced in and out of the water splashing playfully. The stream kept on flowing to the south of the river a large forest began growing up. They could see just past the beginning of the forest their large stream fed into a river.

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