The Royal Secret: Meet the Family

By @writerofolympus
The Royal Secret: Meet the Family

“Will! Why didn’t you tell me I was a princess!” I asked him “Shh... quiet! Nobody should hear you. Come with me. I’ll tell you everything.”He took me to his room and locked the door and shut the curtains and said... When secrets start pouring out and identities are revealed, can Lizzie save her family, bear the double-crossings and hide her identity as well as The Royal Secret?

Chapter 1

The past of Anastaise

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Sarah Jane. I know, long name but what can I say, it’s the name my parents gave me. I am the Princess of Anastaise, but I didn’t know that until 2 months ago.

My grandparents were the King and Queen of Anastaise (It’s a small kingdom not shown on many maps) and they had 2 sons, Andrew and James (my father).

When Andrew turned 21, he was to be made King. When his coronation was just 2 weeks away, the neighboring enemy kingdom of Rodane planned to kill both Andrew and James while they had gone hunting. Andrew was killed, but luckily James survived.

When James turned 21 he became King, and then married my mother- Lady Clarissa at 26. 2 years later they had my brother William and 5 years later me!

When I was around 2, a rumor was spread that the Army Chief of our kingdom joined hands with Rodane due to greed and together they hatched a plan to kill my whole family and take over our kingdom. By the time my father found out it was true, it was too late, the plan was already set in motion

The cook mixed poison in my grandfather’s tea. My grandmother’s lady-in-waiting pushed her down the stairs and

made it look like an accident.

My father unearthed the plot of how they were planning to assassinate the rest of the family. They were planning a surprise attack on the palace and assassinate the 4 of us. My father knew this and told my mother to take Will and me and go to the ancestral villa. My mother wanted to send Will and me to the villa and stay back herself. My father didn’t want any of us getting hurt. He pleaded with her, but she was adamant to stay back with him. However, she later gave in to his pleading, just days before the attack.

When the palace was attacked, my father fought bravely, but succumbed to his injuries. When my mother found out, she was devastated. For days she didn’t eat. Later she found out that Rodanian knights were coming to the villa to kill us. She told Will to take me and go to her sister’s home 2 miles from there. We were young so we did what we were told. We ran as fast as our legs could take us.

It came in the papers the next day that the villa was attacked and destroyed with no survivors. Meaning my mother had died too.

Now that you know about my past, let’s now talk about my present.

I am Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ James. I am currently pursuing Law at Harvard with my best friend Lily. I am 24. My brother William is 29, married to Rose D’costa and has a son -my nephew- Arnold James-D’costa.

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