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The Rocket Ship

By @Slytherpuff0516

The Rocket Ship

A spaceship raced across the dark space. Inside the large spacecraft, a group of five was playing cards in the main compartment. The sixth member of the Ghostwing’s crew sat in the tiny cockpit, driving through a small field of space rocks. Harriet, the ship’s pilot and captain had her feet propped up high on the control panel. Flicking a few switches, Harriet turned on auto-pilot and went outside to join her friends. Just as she almost reached the door, a violent shake shook the shuttle. Surprised gasps could be heard from the room outside. The shaking continued and the shakes became more and more violent. The rad-head pilot gripped on her chair and held on. A loud thud accompanied by smaller thuds and clatters rang out. Things began to slide off the control panel, Harriet’s captain’s log, the drink she had been saving for later and some keys, as the Ghostwing started to slide from side to side. Harriet managed to open the door and leave the compartment as the shakes became smaller. The originally tidy living room in the ship was messy, the chandeliers were swinging, the things were sliding around and her trusty crew were holding on tables and bookcases. 

The shaking didn’t stop after a few minutes and it only got worse. Holding on to things, Harriet managed to get to one of the windows and peeked through it. A dark vessel, slightly larger than the Ghostwing was continuously bumping into them. Harriet turned to her co-captain, Chance, who was holding on for his dear life, and muttered, ‘Pirates!’ Without Harriet saying anything else, Chance pressed a big, red button labelled ‘Emergency’ on the dining table, just barely doing so before having to release his hold on a nearby shelf. Immediately, red lights shone and a blaring noise came from the speakers overhead. Metallic shutters closed around the outer shell of the spacecraft. The shaking slowed and the Ghostwing’s crew could slowly stand up. ‘It’s pirates, a dark ship with white and and blue stripes, any idea?’ Harriet said, calming down from the sudden appearance of a pirate ship. A huge crack appeared on their shield from the enemy. The atmosphere turned urgent. They needed to come up with a plan before the pirates broke through. The crew of six is definitely no match for the whole crew of a pirate ship. ‘If we can’t outnumber them or outgunpower them, we outsmart them.’ Carlotta, the smartest person and tech girl of the crew said. 

More cracks appeared as the crew came up with a plan, a daring bluff. The only thing that scares those pirates are the presence of the intergalactic police. There aren’t any police patrolling the area, at least not any ship visible on the radar, they will need to fake it. 

The intergalactic police have a united colour theme, blue and white. The crew’s mechanic is also a great painter, a fast one as well. On the top of Ghostwing, there is a smaller spacecraft that is used as an emergency shuttle. The mechanic, Justin, painted the small emergency shuttle blue and white, in a matter of minutes. The metallic shutters were almost fully cracked, they needed to act fast. With the last few equipment set, the plan was completed. They were much calmer as they had a plan. The metallic shutters began to peel away, revealing an empty aircraft. The entire crew had hidden, except for Harriet, who detached the small shuttle on top of Ghostwing, and piloted it away when the pirates were momentarily confused at the empty ship. Harriet carefully drove it behind the pirate ship and shone bright lights on it. A loud noise blared from the speaker in the ‘police ship’. Suddenly, more and more police ship’s appeared next to the disguised emergency shuttle, and the pirate ship fled. 

The crew cheered but Harriet’s worried voice came over the coms, ‘Guys! These aren’t the light illusion copies I made, it’s, it’s real!’ Their original plan was to make illusion copies of the ‘police ship’ to make it look as if a whole fleet of police had arrived. Instead, their distress call must have been heard and the police patrolling nearby came and helped just in time. The crew of Ghostwing cheered again, louder than before, and sped off to their next great adventure.

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