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The Road We Know

By @Al1996

the highway to the fiery depths of an AC/DC song.

AC/DC played loudly through out the black 1967 Chevy Impala. The rumble of the engine was slightly louder. The occupants of the car sat in deafening silence as they drove down the rain cover asphalt of the highway. They didn\’t bother looking at each other much less try talking it out like civil human beings. Today was the kind of day that you wished no one was sober for. Today was Tuesday. The one day out of the week that for these men felt like a Monday for normal people. The two men were covered in sweat,blood, and other substances that shall not be named because let\’s face it no one and their grandmother wants to hear about it.

After a few hours and about twenty miles down the road the older of the two broke the silence \”Are just gonna sit there and pretend that nothing happened or are you going to accept the fact that moms dead and dad ain\’t commin back?\” his tone was worry mixed with his usual stern anger. The younger of the two replied \”I don\’ t know. can I?\” after that everything went back to nothing but rock music and the rumble of the impala. Yes my friends today had been emotional mixed with having to make a decision that would be regretted in t minus ten seconds. wait for it… and there goes the sigh and the tears. Ladies and Gentlemen the regret has set in and now the two men are just gonna not talk about it.

Hello Dalings. Crowely here. I’m just your friendly everyday crossroads demon. Now that we’ve got the bloody introductions out of the way let me tell you what happened that caused the boys to be so distraught. Well they were on a hunt as usual. They had found a job in Wyoming that consisted of victims being torn apart and then burnt to a crisp. Well I got wind of it and thought I would help. Suddenly the demon felt someone smack his head “OW!” he yelled as he rubbed the back of his head. “that’s not how it went you idiot.” a voice said.

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