The Rebel and the Monk

By @RavenRanger

The Rebel and the Monk

By @RavenRanger

Chapter 1


To this day, I’m still not quite sure what happened that day. It should’ve just been a normal day for a normal teenager like me. I don’t think I have bad karma, or at the very least, not karma bad enough to rend the whole world into pieces. Maybe I have good karma. After all, I did survive that day, even if it was only that day.

That day, the sky wasn’t blue. It wasn’t red or black or some murky color either like they have it in the movies. It was a brilliant gold. Fitting color for the end of all of mankind I suppose. All of humankind vanished into a veil of shining golden light. It was as if they went to go join their maker if humankind really had one.

The day after that, everything was normal. Normal for planet Earth, except for the fact that there were no humans. I was alone. The people were gone. They straight up disappeared the day before. Now I was all alone.

There was nowhere for me to go. No place that I wanted to go. If reincarnation existed, I hope that I would be reincarnated as some other animal. I use to wish to be reincarnated as a human. Now I desperately wished the opposite. I had searched far and wide, scoped every corner of the world that I could. There was no one left. No one left but me.

What other choice did I have? I was obviously the unnatural one there. I shouldn’t have existed anymore. There was no place left for me on this planet. No existence that was meant to be mine in this reality. No logic left to be used in this doomed situation. So I did what was needed.

Did you know that drowning isn’t actually that painful? If you don’t hold your breath and let all of the air from your lungs into the golden sky, you won’t be in the darkness. You will feel as if you were gulped down by the infinite shadows. You’d disappear into the cold ocean. As you sink deeper, it becomes colder.

It’s funny because it didn’t seem like I died. My body died. I did not. There was the gold sky. It was so high up, I don’t know how I could see it from the depth of the ocean. I was drawn to the golden sky from the crepuscule created by the ocean.

Suddenly, I was wrenched up from the ocean and thrown into the glistening sky. I felt the radiant beams surround me and comfort me. It swallowed me and became me. Rather I became it. I faded into the warm glow of eternal bliss. It was glorious. It was the end. Finally. I stopped existing.

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