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The Realization #2 of The Fake

By @rp052089

The Realization

“Um!!!!! Dallas”

“Yeah Leela”?

“Did you mean what you said”?

“Of course I think that you are amazing”

“All I need to do is get rid of Chloe”

“You like girls like me”??

“How i am a **** nerd and nobody likes….”

Before she could finish he grabbed her up in a hug and kissed her.

” Thanks, Dallas”

“Your a very cute and stubborn nerd”

“Haha, very funny Dallas”

“Looks she coming and she is furious”

Then the snappy cute popular girl came



” Why in the hell are you hugging on my…..”

Before she could finish Dallas finished it for her!


“Does it matter” said Dallas


” You can never talk to Leela like that because she is my girlfriend and nobody can talk to her like that, do you


“UGGGGGGG, fine be that way, but i will find someone way better than you”!!

The both shrugged their shoulders and she walked off and never talk to Dallas anymore, but for the most part Leela and Dallas are that top most popular couple in the whole school, While Chloe is trying to find a new man for her life….but she isn’t doing so well and not she anybody likes her anymore.

But that not all yet read more for the 3rd part of The Fake and see what happens next!

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