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The Realife Dream

By @rp052089

One day ( March/12/19)

Rose was going to sit on the rock near the building and saw Grayson sitting there, but he didn’t look happy, so she went to talk to him since Becky said she could.

“Hey, Grayson”. 

“What do you want”. He said in a rude way

“I wanted to tell you I know you don’t like hurting people, and that if you need to talk I am here. Also, I have good news. It will make you really happy.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean talk to me, and I will give you that good News”

“Okay, fine. I just really want good news.”

“Haha, really funny. Now talk I am all ears.”

So Grayson told Rose everything. How his parents think he is nothing and he wanted to prove to them he can do something and them not call him a failure every single time of his life

Rose thought, why would his parents be so mean, and cruel to their child, because Grayson looks kind on the outside, but scared on the inside because he is not capable of believing in himself. That has to change because Rose is going to make him believe in himself and she is also going to believe with him, and also Rose told Grayson that she would be by his side from now until the end of time.

“Grayson that kills me inside that your parents are like that, but I am going to help you with this and make you feel better.”

“First, let go out for some ice cream and tomorrow after is rest. We will tell them that you would love to work as a team with me, and I promise you won’t regret it.”

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