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The Realife Dream

By @rp052089

The next morning(March/9/2019)

Jon called her into the office. Grayson, Becky, and Jesse were in there too.

What is going on this time did she do something again that she didn’t know of. 

Jon, Becky, and Jesse said” Rose we are so sorry for being so rude to you and not believing you the first time. We should have realized that you wouldn’t hurt anyone even if they deserve it. We should also notice that when you were working in the dog pen that you didn’t do anything, but I guess we didn’t see that until now. You didn’t deserve any of this.”

“Grayson you, on the other hand, is fired and is going to court for your bad behavior,” said Becky.

For some reason, Rose thinks that Grayson doesn’t deserve this, because she had a feeling that it wasn’t her he was trying to hurt, but the fact that the day he and his mom fought that made all of this happened.

Whenever everyone left Rose stopped Becky.” I don’t think Grayson deserves this, because the look on his face said something other than I lost, and I think it was the day I saw him fighting with his mom, I feel like that is was triggered all of this. I don’t think that he tried to hurt anyone.”

“What do you mean.” 

“Well, the day I saw him. Was when my little brother died. I was crying, but I also started hearing someone behind me yelling so I turned over because I was a little concerned about what was going on and saw that him and his mom were yelling at each other, and when he got up to leave he looked very sad and mad, and gave me a dirty look because he was not in a good mood.

 Becky thought for a second, maybe she is right. Maybe when people have hard days, things happen, and then you just don’t feel okay, but you will get there eventually, but we pushed too far out the door, so he doesn’t feel like anything is ever going to be okay again.

“Okay, Rose. I want you to go find Grayson. When you have time and telling him that he can work with you as a team.”

“Ho my God, thank you so much.”

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