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The Realife Dream

By @rp052089

On Monday of next week. (Feb/28/2013)

“After having a terrible day, I’m finally heading home. Although I expected it to be a great day, it didn’t go as planned.” I was volunteering for Kleaning My Dog’z Buzinezz, I want to work with them, so I tried out for the job and didn’t get it, and they also won’t let me volunteer anymore, so I didn’t have the best day, and now I am going home to take a nap, and when I woke up, everything was different.

In my dream, I was driving to Kleaning My Dog’z Buzinezz, and I always bring her two dogs with me. My dogs are a husky named Buck and dachshund named Bella. I found out that the guy that gave me a weird look works with me his name is Grayson by the way and now he is here early so that he can play with the animals when I walk in he gives me the weirdest look, but just keep on walking and do my own business.

When I walk into the office. I am greeted by my fellow bosses, Jon, Becky, and Jesse “Hello Rose so glad that you can make it. We have so much planned today. Whoever does the jobs better, will get the job as a dog trainer, so go get the clipboard and start.”

 For some weird reason, I felt like something was not going to be good today. Before they started Rose put her dogs in the playroom to play. 

Then Grayson and I grabbed our clipboard and started.

The first thing that I had to do was I needed to do is clean out the dog pen, and Grayson had to clean out the cat pen. 

I thought in my head. This isn’t going to be very hard if this is all the stuff I have to do.

 Over at the cat pen, Grayson was a thinking way to sabotage Rose because he wanted the job, so badly, also TO show his stupid parents that he can do something in life, and it wasn’t because of her looking at him when he and his parents were fighting. Actually Rose did nothing to him, he likes her and to express his feelings too, because he feels like she will understand, he just needs the job so he has to make her quit or get her fired.

When I was done I went to tell one of her to-be bosses. Then I go and tell Becky. “I am done with cleaning the dog pens”. Becky gave Rose a displeasing look. She knew something was wrong.

Becky told Rose” I think there is something that you need to tell us. Come into our office NOW.” Rose was so confused. Why were they yelling at me? What did I do?

Rose is more confused than ever because Grayson is making their bosses hate her. Her dogs Bella and Buck realize that something is wrong and want to help, but they go over to Grayson to see what he is doing.

Rose also needed to be told something because she didn’t know what was going on either, so without talking, she walked with Becky all the way to the office. When they got there she saw the others too. 

“We have a question to ask you,” said Jon. “Why did you make Grayson kitten pen dirty after he cleaned it.”

 Rose was so confused because she was only in her area cleaning up her mess that the dogs made and nowhere else because she wasn’t able to do anything else. ”I don’t know what you are talking about I was in the dog’s pen the whole time and went nowhere near the cat pen”. Of course, no one believes her because she needs to find some proof.

She looked for Grayson for help, but all she got back was a face that said “I am getting the job not you” Then she knew what was going on. He was trying to make her lose so that he can win and get the job.

She thought in her head in her head. “ why is he making a big deal out of this, it is not the end of the world if he doesn’t get in. she is going to find out why he is doing this and what made him want to do this. 

“I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it. I don’t care if you don’t believe me, but I will show you” 

“I can’t work anymore today I am going home good-bye,” wait that is what Grayson wants isn’t, then I guess I am not going home, because I am going to show him. Whose boss. “Actually I am doing my next job whether you believe me or not. Grayson if you want to be that way then be that way. I am going to get you back because I know you did this to get the job.”

The first time I went to the office to see what was wrong. I knew something wasn’t right because today I noticed that something was going to be bad, and that is when I realized that Grayson is trying to steal my job of becoming a dog trainer. I was thinking of the time when I was going to get the clipboard, Grayson gave me a weird look. That is when I realized that it was the same look that Grayson gave me in the office. Either he hates me, or something is going on in his life. 

Every day after that I tried to realize or think of how I can get Grayson to confess to making him realize that what he is doing something wrong and that he should stop because it is not a big deal if we don’t get the job. What is making me mad is the fact that I didn’t do anything to him and he just thinks that it is okay to hurt me and make me feel like I am the bad guy. I won’t do anything. I just want to show the to-be bosses how good I can do my work (that was kind of the point), and that is when Grayson felt like it was good to be mean to me and ruin my career. 

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