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The Realife Dream

By @rp052089

( March/2nd/2013)

“Hey, Rose.” said her one of her bosses the next morning”

“Hello, Jon.”

“Rose, I want to do something….”

A dog started barking because Grayson always takes the dogs on a run, and when they go they are so chatty, so I know it is Grayson when I here a load of dogs barking.

“Hey, Rose,” trying to give her a hug, but she won’t let him because he is so sweaty 

“Hey, Mr. Jon”

“As I was saying before all that, we should do something to raise money, so that we can make a big and better place for the animals to be happy and have enough space to play and to be able to work in, so if you could think of different ideas, and when you are done, tell me.”

“Okay, I would love that,” Rose said excitedly

While Rose and Grayson worked together they ratted off ideas to each other.

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