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The Realife Dream

By @rp052089

On Monday of that week, my brother died. (Feb/21/2013)

A week ago there was a fire at my little brother’s school ( A Children’s Habitat). which had for PreK and kindergartners.

The fire started when Matthew was using the bathroom and the other kids were learning their ABCs. Matthew isn’t capable of going to the bathroom alone. There is always supposed to be a certain teacher watching him her name is Miss Rodney, and think for a minute I said the word “supposed”, but when the fire alarm came on she was so confused at first, because she didn’t know what caused it, but when she heard one of the teachers screaming for help, Miss Rodney started getting really scared because this school is only small children, and all of the teachers are going to have to get them all out of the building and fast because little kids have no clue what to do, which made her forget my little brother. 

All the teachers were scared and frantic because they had to rush all of the students out of the building. I came because I heard about the fire, and my little brother Matthew is here so I went to one of the teachers and it was Miss Rodney. I asked her if all the teachers got all of the students out of the building. She said yes, so I said thanks and went to look for my brother.

I looked around for a while but, started scared because I couldn’t find him anywhere. Miss Rodney and told her that I couldn’t find my brother. When I told her that his name is Matthew. She realized that she left him in the bathroom. When she was supposed to be watching him. I was so scared and mad because he is probably screaming of help or he is so scared he is paralyzed. I almost had a heart attack, I was about to cuss the teacher out, but she was also scared about everything going on, so I didn’t say anything, but if my brother has died then I am going to lay hands on her maybe even kill her. 

That is not the point, I am just really scared because I love my brother like he is my own son because he makes me feel so happy. I don’t know what I would do without him. Well, I guess I might find out why. Then I ran and told the fireman that my brother was still in there, so the fireman ran back into the building. While I was standing there even though I couldn’t. One of the teachers who saw had to set me down on the ground and give me a drink of water to try and calm me down. 

A few minutes later I heard a noise and looked up. At I first got very scared because I didn’t know what I was going to see, but I know I had to look up and find out I saw the fireman with a boy not moving in his arms and realized it was my brother. I just burst out crying, because I didn’t know what I was going to without my little brother the way he calls me mom in that cute little voice off his, I guess I am going to have to learn to get used to it even if it was going to be the hardest thing ever. Oh, I was mad/scared and everything else at that teacher because she left my little brother to die. I had to ask something, but nothing came out of my mouth at first, I was flabbergasted, but then I took a few breaths and started to talk and I said:

 “Is he dead?” I asked with a very sad and scared voice

The fireman responded “Yes, ma’am he is dead. The little boy inhaled too much smoke and he was half scared to death because He is a very small boy that was confused on what to do, he even tried getting out of the door, but burned his hand,” said the fireman showing me my little brother’s hands

I thought to myself for a second, if the teacher remembered that he was in their then he wouldn’t have died, so let me give Miss Rodney a piece of my mind because she left my brother in the bathroom alone, not knowing what to do or should I just be sad and depressed. No, I am going to show her how I feel right now because she left my brother all alone. Which was a big and scary moment that he had, in his whole life.

“Hey, Miss whatever your name is?”

“Are you happy that he is dead, so now you don’t have to take care of a little boy that likes when someone is next to him and feels better when he is not left alone.”

“First my name is Miss. Rodney, second I didn’t mean to leave him I was really scared and tried to save all the little kid, my mind was everywhere I also know I was forgetting something I just couldn’t remember. I am super sorry Rose I……”

” I could care less”

” How old are you…”

“I am…..

“About my age right, so that would be 22 or 23 Right.”

” This is not going to be a good fight, but I don’t care I am going to win, and you are going to die, but not really because I am not mean enough hurt someone, I am just going to make you never leave a small soul anywhere anymore in a situation I this or any other.”

” I can not believe you have a job to take care of children that are only in PreK and Kindergarten and you can’t even remember a child in the bathroom that you are supposed to keep eyes on.”

“ROSE!” Said her mom

“If I was you then I would never leave a child in your vision because you might……”

“ROSE, sit down and take a break.”

“No, mom I am not going to take a break she left Matthew to die in the bathroom.”

“Miss I don’t have a brain, you forgot the only little brother in my life that called me mom *sniff* and always *sniff* came to me if he needed anything, but now he is dead because of…..”

“ROSE… you need to calm down, we and everyone else is scared because they were trying to get all the kids out as soon as possible and, and….. *sniff*

” Yeah, but couldn’t she have grabbed him and ran him out the door.”

” Well, you have a point there, she could have grabbed him, but Rose everyone and the kids were scared and confused.

“Yeah, I didn’t mean to and your mom knows it,” said Rodney rudely.

“Oh shut up. It is all you fault that my brother is dead, I hope when I leave that you get fired, and they won’t let you near any other children, and you get better manners.”

” Miss Rodney, you may not talk to my daughter like that because she was way closer than I was to my own son and now he is he dead because, because of of…. *sniff*”

” My sweet girls calm down, and let’s go home and rest,” said my dad.

” BUUUUTTT Dad, Matthew is dead because she left him in there,” I said pointing at Miss Rodney.

Then it finally came to my mind! I realized we were all scared didn’t know what to do. I just need to take a breath because I don’t think Miss Rodney meant to keep him in the bathroom, so took I few deep breaths and started talking.

“Okay, mom, Your right I need to take a deep breath. She was frantic and so was everyone else because there was too much to do and so much to think about, we need to go home a take a long nap, but first I need to do something and say something.” 

” I am so sorry I didn’t mean to cause too much trouble, I was just so confused, sad and mad that my brother is now dead, I want all of you guys to attend the funeral if you want to, but it would be so nice to have all his teacher that he knows cares about him. Also, I want to give money to the school so that you guys can rebuild and fix the place up” said Rose

“ Rose there is no need for this, we should always keep a good eye on our students, and even if we are so scared, we should never forget, but you don’t need to pay us money to fix the school,” said Marcia the principle

“ No it is all cool, I am going to help you make a fundraiser, but also let the little kids have fun, and we can give the parents so treats or lunch or just some free time ( Get rid of kid-free time), but the only thing is they have to pay, and I am going to help by paining 50$ at first, and I am also going to help set up, and then the rest is up to you.”

“ROSE. You are amazing and I don’t know what to do without you.” 

Rose thought in her head for a couple of seconds, this would make Matthew happy, and couldn’t help, but cry. My mom started hugging and crying with me when she saw me cry, then the other children and teachers joined in the hug and told us that it was going to be alright.” 

I keep thinking in my head is it going to be alright? To me, it feels like I am never going to feel the same because of 1. He always made me laugh, and now he is never going to make me laugh anymore, but I am still going to get the best hug from my amazing little sister. I am never going to hear loud laughing noises because my little sister just sits down to read a book, play with dolls or let you do her hair.

While I was there I saw a guy in a car with his mom fighting. He got out of the car gave me a funny look and walked away. I shouldn’t have looked because now a random dude hates me.

My day has been so rough I don’t think that I am ever going to be the same. I only have one sibling now calling me mom, but I wish it was two kids.

Sorry bought random thoughts in my head come out like a waterfall.

When we got to my parent’s home, we just sat down and cried for an hour then we realized inside our head that we need to talk about what happened today.

“Mom, dad do you think we should tell April”

“Yeah, I think we should. Said, mom

“April come here we need to talk to you about something important,” I said

The first thing April said as she came down here is, “ Where is Mat. If Mat isn’t here it isn’t going to be important”. 

I forgot to mention something, April is in love with Mat. They are the first twins that we have a strong relationship, she hates being without him.”

*sniff* *sniff*

“That is the thing, April, um,” I said because nothing else came out of my mouth because I started crying, so dad finished the conversation for me and mom.

“Sweetheart, we won’t be seeing Matthew anymore…”

“Why not”? She interrupted

“Well because he died in a very bad accident.”

“No..no, no, no. NO, you are wrong Mat isn’t dead he is fill(still) alive and here right now…”

She started crying too, so I went to pick her up and comfort her.

“It’s going to be okay, you will still have in your heart, and he will know you are there,” I said 

“He will”?

“Yes, I am positive he will look for you and see if you are okay because you are the most amazing sister someone could have!”


“ If I won’t cry then neither can you. Mat would not want us to cry, he wants us to be happy, so let’s be happy for Mat”

“Okay, we will try for you and him, we said.

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