The Rainbow

By @devinair
The Rainbow

Written for Weekly Contest of “Complete the story” on First two paragraphs are provided and the story is to be completed

Chapter 1

It is a rainy Wednesday morning and Rebecca is on her way to a meeting. She has been waiting on this meeting for months and now the day has arrived. She got up early to take a long shower, do her makeup, and get dressed nicely. She wants to make a good impression.

She gets out of her car and walks the rest of the way, but as she passes a shop window, she stops. Her eyes are fixed at the window looking inside the shop and she cannot believe what she is seeing. She doesn’t move a bit, she just keeps looking.

The one thing that would perfectly fit the day was on display. But can she dare make the purchase so soon? Without even knowing the results? Or should she play safe? Wait till she knows and then make the purchase? But Rebecca was not someone to wait. She was positive of the result. She knew (and hoped to all the Supreme powers that she was right in knowing) that this day is hers. So she goes right in and makes the purchase. The complete rigmarole. She carries it back to her car and packs it in. Now the time has come – to face her destiny.

She reaches the place. The concerned people are waiting for her. There will be one more interview first, before they finalize on it. Just one more, now it won’t be so tough, Rebecca says to herself. The interview takes long – as usual. They go into various details of her life and her finances. She is confident though. All these things have never mattered to her. This is one thing that she has always wanted, and now she is on the verge of getting it.They cannot keep this away from her, at least not now.

Finally, the interview is over. The interviewers smile at her. “Rebecca, you have cleared everything. Now nothing can come between you and your dream.” Rebecca’s joy knows no bounds. When she comes out of the interview room, the rains are all gone and there is a bright rainbow right outside the window. But her eyes are stuck on the rainbow inside. Such beauty she has never seen in her entire life. Pure love shines from all over her.

She finally got her baby girl. Now her life is complete. She takes her to the beautiful child seat she had brought earlier in the day, along with the cutest comforter she has ever seen. The baby takes immediate liking to the comforter and puts a strong hold on it. The comforter is in the shades of the rainbow – just like the one above. But the baby has eyes only for her mother. Holding the comforter, the baby smiles at her new mom. And Rebecca names her baby rainbow “Aurora”.

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