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The RaCluse: A Legend

By @MindofRealms

Chapter 1

There were anxious sensations coursing through Ryse, son of Rome. He was being forced to compete in a game that would determine if he got promoted to Warchief. He was one of the last two competitors. Their goal was to see who could split the most planks with an axe.

Has my previous work for the Roman Empire not been enough? he thought

In one mighty blow he split the planks and then callapsed, hoping that his rival would fail his test. But sure enough to his dismay, crack! The planks were all split. All eyes turned back to Ryse as the young man carried another stack of planks to be split, they were slightly more thick.

Suddenly, the world froze, as if Time had paused, and a blinding light showered the scene, Ryse fell over in shock.

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