The Quiet Key

By @MiddlemistRed
The Quiet Key

After being told her parents committed suicide, and her brother ran away, Auralia Catius tries not to thinks about it. Until her old best friend, Shay, goes missing. Auralia opens her eyes and takes it upon herself to find her. With the help of new friends, she reveals secrets about her own family. But finding the truth behind her brother's and Shay's disappearance and her parent's death isn't as easy as Auralia naively thought, for what she seeks to find is deep in a pit of lies, and pain.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

        My name is Auralia Williams. I assure you I am a pretty regular high schooler, I’ve just had some irregular things happen to me. I suppose this is all very confusing so, I’ll start with the moment my life changed. 

        It happened only 6 months ago and I had just gotten home. “Mom, I’m home!” I called but got no answer. I yelled again but she never replied. That’s when the panic set in, I ran to the kitchen, bedroom, and finally, bathroom. And there I saw not only my mother but my father too, lying in the full bathtub, motionless. I screamed again and again until a neighbor heard and called the police.

      When the police came a few officers and forensic specialists went to analyze the scene while one tried to comfort me. But how do you comfort someone who’s just seen their parents dead? Especially one who doesn’t feel anything. A simple hug wouldn’t suffice. I remember it being a strange feeling-not feeling- like I was empty and in a trance.       

After “calming” me down the police took me to the station. ” Dear, do you have any family we can contact? We can’t question you without familiar consent since you’re underage,” One of them said with a sympathetic tone.

  “My brother,” I whispered at first and then repeated myself a little louder”My brother.” They tried calling him multiple times before giving up and called my Aunt. She came almost immediately and before they could say anything started crying and holding onto my hand but I was still in a daze. All I could think about was my brother. Where is he? How is he? What if something happened to him? My mind crowded with questions and worries. My family had always been like 3 pillars holding up my heart and when they had either died or disappeared my heart had fallen into a pit of despair and melancholy.

The day had passed with endless questions and crying while we tried to find my brother. The search came up fruitless.

        Since that day I hadn’t talked to anyone and cut off all connections to my friends and almost all of my family. And my life probably would’ve stayed that way if Jake hadn’t come and accidentally pulled me into a dangerous mystery. A mystery I’m now glad I could solve.

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