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The Questionable Adventures of the Misfortunate Pirate and Her Faithful Friend The Frog

By @Pink Milk Club


It was the first time it had actually worked, so she supposed that resilience did pay off in the end. The familiar foggy clouds of dizziness were clearing for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime as the ship slowed and bumped against the shore. One eye, screwed tightly shut, cautiously opened-then eventually the other, then her balled fists unclenched and her scrunched brow loosened. Shakily exhaling, she steadily relaxed her tensed shoulders, her jagged breaths quickening as it sunk in. The corners of her mouth dared to turn up, and soon the laugh spread across her face before she could stop it-it twinkled in her eyes and widened her smile; her hands flew to her mouth in disbelief. From her crinkled eyes, relieved tears tingled and trickled down her clasped hands and she shook her head, trying to process it all. After every dangerous and failed journey, she had finally arrived.

Arimelissa Rawlings wasn’t very well known for successful boat trips. Mellis wasn’t really well known at all. Luckily for her, she reasoned that this created a mysterious figure about her and edited out any bad reputation that might make people sceptical. Which, generally, Mellis found them to be – after crashing, often head-first, into their land.

It was almost eerie how…comfortable she was feeling. Several scars indicated several incidents where anchoring onto land differed slightly to her plans, and even in her (slightly) more successful voyages there was always, always an overarching sense of nausea or dizziness or a bumpy landing, more or less all of the above at the same time on most excursions. So the fact that for the first time since she could remember her feet felt stable beneath her and she felt completely well (she had grown immune – mostly – to sea-sickness) seemed too good to be true, and she was suspicious in her delight.

Frogory appeared to be so as well. His rounded green head was barely visible as he cautiously emerged from the safety of his cabin beneath deck. His narrowed eyes peaked incredulously above the surface of the deck. He let out a long, low, dumbfounded croak, alerting Mellis of his presence.

“I know, Frogory,” she smirked. “I can’t believe it either!”

Frogory hopped doubtfully out of his cabin towards her. Mellis rolled her eyes and bent slightly, sticking out her left arm to gesture for Frogory. He scurried up her arm and found comfort in perching on her shoulder.

“Huh,” Mellis remarked, somewhat impressed. “Well how about that. What do you think, sir?”

Frogory ribbited contentedly.

“Yeah,” she nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I get it.” She adjusted her hat slightly-it only became more crooked than it already was.

“Well this is a development,” her eyes were still wide in shock.

They stared out at the island that, after all this time, they had finally arrived at, pondering their next moves together and contemplating on the journeys they had spent together in their past.

“What are we actually meant to do now?”

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