The Prejudice Paralysis.

By @Snake-of-Eden
The Prejudice Paralysis.

A follow-up of sorts to the story, Hysteria. Featuring the character of Martha Hiddleston and her two male colleagues in their practice in Londons West End. Morris has some demons to address and must trust Martha in spite of his doubts about her. His life may depend on it.

Chapter 1

The set up.

Martha had been working along side Dr. Morris for some months by this time and she found it truly remarkable how stubbornly he clung to his fallacies in spite of clear and incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. He barley spoke to her save to confer on certain medical matters and at all other times, he avoided her, his clear lack of professional trust and respect obvious from the day he met her. Martha could not say with certainty that she cared all that much about what her colleague thought of her as a person or as a doctor but by now, it was starting to become a little ridiculous.

One positively bleak morning, Martha had risen early in order to attend a conference with her chief medical officer Mark. He’d had informed her that his fellow would function perfectly well on his own for the morning since both of them had canceled all of their appointments and for once Mark had seen fit to hire a receptionist for the clinic to attend to the administrative side of things.

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