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The Middle of the Universe

By @ColorfulAlpaca

Chapter 1

Hi! I’m Camille, I’m 14 and until a year ago, I’ve never left my house. EVER. I was trapped inside because my parents think it’s “dangerous” to go outside. I don’t have any windows in my house because my parents don’t trust that I will stick to my word and stay inside. So like Rapunzel minus the tower and the window. Anyway, here’s my story. It got interesting when I was 13.

I tossed my blanket to the side of my bed and stood up groggily. It was eight thirty, pretty early for me, but I needed to ask my parents a question. An IMPORTANT question. I quickly changed out of my pj’s and ran downstairs. “Mom! Dad!” I yelled brushing my hair and going down 3 steps at a time. “What is it?” my mom asked looking up from her book. I threw my hair brush on the ground and hopped onto the couch. “Dad!” He came into the living room. “What is it?” my mom asked again. “Can I go outside?” I asked standing up and jumping around the room. Yeah, kind of childish but I don’t care. I turned to my parents. My dad had a angry look on his face, my mom… surprisingly a sympathetic look on her face. “Honey,” My mom began. “No.” My dad said, cutting my mom off. “NEVER. It’s not SAFE. Humans,” he said. “Humans are BAD. Every single one of them.” I cocked my head to the side and said, “Doesn’t that include you?” My dad bent over and balanced his hands on his knees. “I said no,” He whispered scarily. “No. Means. No. Go eat.” I HATED being locked up. I grabbed an apple, and as I passed the door I thought about leaving. It was to risky. And plus, my parents had a lock on it and guess who doesn’t know the combination? Me. I sat down on the couch and put my apple next to me. I’d lost my appetite. “OK,” I said to my dad and mom. “Why!? Why can’t I leave? Go to school? Go DO stuff like a normal kid!?” My dad turned to me. “DO stuff!? How do you know about schools?” I picked up a book that was laying on the ground. “I read,” i replied laying it next to me. “How!?” I shrugged. “I taught myself eight years ago. It’s simple, and easy.” My dad got up and threw the book on the ground. “That is the ONLY way you’re learning about this world, and we’re limiting you.” I stepped back. “Limiting me? Limiting me HOW?” My mom stood up. “Leave her be,” She said picking up my apple and biting it. “She’s fine to read as much as she wants.” I picked the book up and went upstairs. It was my favorite book. I opened the book to the first page and smiled. I’ve read it so many times. It gives me comfort. Books make me happy, laugh, cry, and sad.. all at the same time and as amazing as they are I don’t understand them. But, I love them anyway. That’s WHY I love them. I looked up. Eleven. HOW!? I looked down at my book, and without remembering I had read 4 books without noticing I’d changed them. But the information was still there. I went downstairs. “Hi-” i started and then stopped. My mom was leaving to go do something. I watched carefully as she did the combination for the lock. 4, 12, 16. Got it. 4, 12, 16. I ran upstairs and wrote it on a piece of paper. I smiled to myself as I stuck it in my pocket. I was getting out of here.

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