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The planet’s helpers

By @misskarenavv

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a Little girl called ELLA. She was 11 years old, and she coursed 5th grade. Ella was friendly, curious, smart and very active. She had three best friends: Monserrat, and her cat Pelusa and her sunflower. She really enjoyed spending time with them.

Ella has a small family: 2 little brothers, her mom and her grandma. Ella loved her family, but she sometimes got angry with them because they were unconscious about the environment. Her brothers always threw papers or trash on the floor, her mom always turned on the lights when it wasn’t necessary and her grandpa always left the water tap running. She always said to them: you need to take care of the environment because one day you will be repentant.

One Monday, Ella noticed something weird in the sun, she felt that it looked a little bit tired and it didn’t shine like in normal days. She commented that to Monserrat, but she didn’t care about it. Then, she told what she noticed to her family, but none of them cared about it.

On Tuesday, she noticed that the grass was really dry and the sun looked more tired than the day before. She told that to her friend and family, but again, they didn’t care.

On Wednesday, Ella watered her sunflower but she noticed that the water wasn’t strong enough. She worried about it. She told that to her mom, but she said it was normal.

On Tuesday, Ella went to school, and on her way, she noticed that the sea was very dirty, and the fish were very sad. She looked at the sun, and it was very lackluster, and all the trees and flowers were dying. She told everything she saw to her classmates, but they didn’t believe her.

On Friday, she realized that her sunflower and her cat were sad and sick. Ella was really worried because she thought they were dying. She started to cry deeply. In that moment, all her family looked at Ella and went to see her. Ella said: I told you something bad was happening with the nature, but you didn’t care. Ella went to her bedroom and fell asleep.

On Saturday, Ella’s family got up very early and started to do right actions to take care of the planet. Her brothers pick up trash and papers and threw them in the right place. Her mom didn’t turn on the lights if it wasn’t necessary and she disconnected all the devices that nobody was occupying. And. Her grandpa closed all the water taps. Ella woke up and she felt really happy because her family was doing the right thing. She went to see her cat and sunflower, but they were in the same way as day before. They didn’t know what else to do. The day ended, and everything was still bad.

On Sunday, Ella got up very enthusiastic because she got a very good idea. She told her family that they should go outside and try to educate everyone about how to protect the environment. Ella’s family started to do some informative brochures and posters and they gave them to the whole town.

Suddenly, Ella realized that the sun was shining again, the trees and flowers were happy again, and the sea and fish were living again. So she ran to her house really fast and she went upstairs to see her friends. Her cat and sunflower were feeling great and were more alive than ever.

Ella was so grateful with her family, because they could understand that it’s necessary to help together to save the planet.

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