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The Pickle That Wanted A War

By @Books_and_Secrets

A pickle named Dill was the king of the whole Pickle kingdom. One day a new pickle came to the kingdom his name was Sir Pickle-a-lot and he wanted to rule the land. Sir Pickle-a-lot went into the king’s castle.

Sir Pickle-a-lot charged into the throne room and confronted King Dill.

“ I am Sir Pickle-a-lot and I challenge this kingdom to a war.” yelled Sir Pickle-a-lot to King Dill.

“ I accept your challenge, Sir Pickle-a-lot.” said the king in a mighty voice.

“ Good, the war will begin sundown tomorrow. Hope you’re ready. See you on the battlefields.” said Sir Pickle-a-lot while leaving out the door.

Then Sir Pickle-a-lot left the castle and the kingdom to get ready for the war to come.

In the castle, King Dill was frantic about how to set up the troops and not knowing how many pickle troops the opponent has. King Dill was looking at a map on the table that had all the kingdom on it. He also had little figures of pickles on horses to act as the troops and pickles standing for where he thought the enemies troops would be. 

“ Okay, so the Dill pickle troops will be set up over on the left bank of the river. Then the sweet pickle troops will be on the right bank of the river. But where should the bread and butter pickle troops go?” He was talking to himself nervously.

Then he decided to just go to bed and tell the Commander about the battle plans tomorrow morning.     

In the morning, the King summoned Commander Zesty. When Commander Zesty went to the King.

“ You summoned me your majesty.” said Commander Zesty.

“ Yes, I want to go over the battle plans.” said King Dill.

He told Zesty the battle plans for the coming sundown. “ Sounds like a great plan, your royalness.” said Commander Zesty.

“ Now go and gather the troops.” commanded the King.

It was sundown the troops were set up by the river that bordered the kingdom’s edge. Then on the other side, an army of pickles on horses appeared charging towards the troops. They were all armed with swords and axes.

The troops just sat and waited for them to reach the river. They had their weapons in their hands ready for the battle to come.

It took a minute for the other army to get to the river. Then the battle began.

“ For all pickles!” yelled Commander Zesty while riding to meet the other army.

The rest of the troops followed. The two armies clashed sword on sword and ax on ax. The other army had more pickles but they were poorly trained. So they started to lose. But they had a secret weapon a catapult that launched a big boulder. The catapult took out the horses from under the troops.

The battle raged forever until the other army ran out of boulders to use in the catapult. The end was near. They fought for a few minutes more then they saw a white flag from the other army.

The pickles from the kingdom cheered and ran to tell the kingdom the news.

Sir Pickle-a-lot walked slowly into the king’s throne room angry at his army for surrendering. 

“ So what did you think that you could win. People that use force never win. Let this be a lesson for you.” said King Dill. “ Now you and your troops will go back to Pickleville where you belong.”

Sir Pickle-a-lot was too angry at his troops to say anything so he just nodded stiffly and signed the treaty with the Kingdom.

The next day, they were sent back to Pickleville on the other side of the world on a ship named the Seapickle.

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