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The Person I Have Become

By @Krystalyn_Fountain


I scream, backing myself up so fast that my arms slam against the back wall of the cell. Dr. Wells tightens his grip on Jesse. Cisco spins around, then screams like a little girl. It’s Barry that steps forward.

“You won’t keep us here, Zoom,” he says. Dr. Wells uses this time to unlock the cell, then moves over to get the cuffs off of me. It probably doesn’t help him that I am trembling like a leaf.

“Oh really?” Zoom laughs, sounding more inhuman than when he talks, if that’s even possible. “Are you going to stop me?”

“I think I am.”

I’m starting to hyperventilate. I bring my hands forward to try to stop the tears that threaten to fall. Then I stop. My hands are free. I manage to give Dr. Wells a weak smile of thanks as he turns to take Jesse into his arms. Then I have an idea. I pick up the cuffs from where they had been dropped, then study Zoom. I had to time this perfectly.

“How do you plan to do that?” Zoom sounds amused, like this was all a game. And he set up the rules. He’s paying me no mind, though. This could work.

“You’ve got two meta and a guy with a really big gun against you. I don’t think you stand a chance,” Barry replies, snapping. Three metas. Keep him distracted, Barry.

“But I’m faster than you, Flash.” Almost, I think, taking aim, almost.

“It’s three against one, Zoom, you won’t win.” Now!

“Hey Zoom? Catch!” As he turns to me, I throw the cuffs, and with a blinding flash, they explode in his face. “Run!” We all bolt to the front, following Dr. Wells.

“Did you do that?” Cisco asks me as we run.

“Yes. Let’s talk about it later though, when we’re not running for our li…” the word trails off into a scream as Zoom seems to appear in front of me.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” he growls as he grabs my arm

Then I feel something well up inside of me. Some unspoken power. Its energy is enough to throw me off balance. I don’t understand, but I know that I can get him away from me, stop him, if I focus.

“Get away from me!” I scream, thrusting my free hand forward. He doesn’t see it coming. Heck, I don’t see it coming. My hand connects only with air, but something Zoom is on the ground. On the other side of the room. I stand there, staring at my now-shaking hands. I literally just threw the evil speedster across the room. Without touching him. “Did I do that?” My voice is shaking, barely above a whisper.

Barry places a hand on my shoulder, I hadn’t realized he was right behind me, and said, “Yeah, I think you did.”

“I don’t know how I did that,” I don’t know how to explain that I think I’m afraid of myself. Barry seems to understand, though.

“Look,” he kneel so that we are eye-to-eye, “I know you’re scared, but we will sort this out later. We need to get out of here before Zoom recovers.”

Trembling, I nod, wishing for a moment that he was my brother. I square my shoulders, putting on a brave face. “Let’s do this.”

“Cisco,” Barry stands up, “Do you think you and Harry could stay here while I run these two back? I can’t carry all four of you at once.”

“Oh sure, we’ll stay here with the crazy guy,” Cisco seems to be trying to make it a joke, but his voice jumps a few octaves.

“Um, guys?” I’m starting at Zoom, or rather, the place Zoom had been, “Where did he go?”

“Oh hell,” Dr. Wells mutters, looking around.

I realized all too late where he is, as I feel someone grip my shirt collar. Three seconds later finds me dangling over the edge of a cliff. Oh hell, indeed.

“Give it up, Flash,” Zoom threatens, “Or I’ll let go of the girl. Though it would be a shame wouldn’t it?” As much as I don’t want to fall, I can’t let Zoom win.

“Don’t do it, Flash!” I scream, “Leave me! Just save the others and yourself!”

“Be quiet, girl!” Zoom snarls in my ear.

“No!” I must have a death wish at the moment. “Just leave me, Flash!” I can almost feel the uncertainty stretch in the silence behind Zoom.

“Let her go, Zoom,” Barry then speaks.

“Flash, no!” I scream, twisting around as much as I could so I could see him. Then I feel Zoom’s grip loosen.

“Gladly,” Zoom replies, letting go. I’m not sure where Jesse’s scream ended and mine began.

“No!” I hear Barry’s panicked cry as I fell.

Everything feels like it’s going in slow motion. I force myself to stop screaming. I wish I was already on the ground. I close my eyes. Then, I’m not moving. Slowly, I open my eyes again, thinking that Barry must have caught me, but realize, I’m looking at the ground. By the gods… I push myself up, struggling to understand what just happened. I look up, I should still be falling. Someone superspeeds their way next to me, nearly making me scream. I spin around, than relax to find it’s just Barry, as well as the others. I dust myself off, than smile.

“So,” I say, “Where to now?”

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