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The Person I Have Become

By @Krystalyn_Fountain


Apparently I used to much of my energy, because I wake up on a cot. I don’t actually remember getting back to Star Labs, nor falling asleep, but here I am. I blink for a moment, still tired, then sit up. Well, I try to sit up, but the world goes all shifty on me, and have to lay back down. Someone had taken the devices at some point, but I must have been too out of it to notice. Oh-kay, I think, no with the sitting up. I close my eyes, sighing.

“Kat, are you awake?” I jump at the voice, recognizing it as Henry’s, a.k.a Dad’s.

“Unclear,” I reply, eyes still closed.

“Might help if you open your eyes, Kitten.”

“I tried, and sitting up, it didn’t go well.”

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