The Perfect Man

By @ld8377

The Perfect Man

By @ld8377

This is a piece of flash fiction that seems like the typical love story...

Chapter 1

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache pulsing through my entire body, trying to tell me that yesterday was not a dream, even though I wish it was. Yesterday was quite possibly the worst day of my life. I began the day with a beautiful penthouse apartment in New York City and a fiancé who I loved with all my heart. Today, I’m “homeless” and single.  

I grab my phone from the nightstand and see all the text notifications from friends and family consoling me through this hard time. I turn over to the other side of the bed, seeing where Peter was supposed to be laying, but all there was was empty space. I force myself out of bed, throw on my office attire, fix my hair, and head out the door. 

I see my reflection in the store windows as I walk past them and I can’t believe I left the house looking like I do. I guess that’s what happens when your life gets turned upside down, you just stop caring. 

I decided I needed a little pick me up that could brighten my day a little bit. I walk into The Bean, a new coffee shop that had just opened. Peter and I always said we were going to go there whenever we had a free Saturday, but now that we aren’t together, I might as well go by myself. I get in line, noticing all the unique antiques on the tables and walls. My eyes migrate to the menu, where I’m overwhelmed by their plethora of drinks they craft. I must’ve looked flustered because I feel a light tap on my shoulder and turn around to see a man about my age exclaiming “I know, it’s a bit overwhelming at first, I get it.” 

I stood there, shocked by how angelic his golden locks looked with the morning sun reflecting off them. His charming crystal blue eyes were mesmerizing. In a way he reminded me of Peter, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I realize I’ve been staring at him for far too long for it to be normal, and I decide to say something. 

“Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel. What do you suggest?” I asked. 

“You look like the type of girl who would like a cappuccino with extra espresso” said the mystery man. I stood there in shock because he had guessed my exact coffee order perfectly.

Something about him just threw me off a little bit. He seemed like a guy I would be interested in, but he seemed a little too perfect that it made me a little uneasy. 

“Can I ask you your name?” I mustered up the courage to ask. 

“Colin” He said confidently. I swear I saw him give me the slightest wink which sent my heart fluttering. 

“How about yours?” he said.

“Kate” I said shyly.

I ordered my cappuccino and stepped aside so he could order his. He ordered the exact same thing, which was a little odd, but I guess we could’ve had the same taste in coffee. We made small talk while our coffees were being made. The conversation felt natural and we bounced off each other amazingly. 

I couldn’t help but wonder why this seemingly perfect man stumbled into my life right after I had just been abandoned by my fiancé. While I was pondering the situation, Colin nudged me again to tell me my coffee was ready. I grabbed the warm paper cup and said a quick goodbye, not wanting to seem too invested in this man I will probably never see again. I open the door and all I hear is my name being yelled in the distance. 

“Kate! Kate! Can you hear me?” The voice is yelling in a tone that I had never heard before. I feel a hand on me, jolting me back and forth, shaking me to my core. 

In that moment all I see for a split second is darkness. The next thing I see is a mahogany wood table, identical to the one I have in my dining room in my apartment. I glance to my left and see Peter with his arm on my shoulder, looking deep into my eyes with a worried look on his face.

“What?” I say, confused as to why he looked so concerned.

“You were in here just having a conversation with some guy named Colin. I suspected you were on the phone with him but then I saw your phone on the couch by the TV. That’s when I came over here, trying to get your attention but you were in some sort of trance.” 

Hearing this made my mind and sight go blank once again, and I felt a huge rush of emotion and realization. Everything that I thought was real was all in my head. It was what I had always dreamed of having, a guy who just understood me. My eyes came to a focus on Peter where all I felt was anger and rage. I explained to him that this engagement wasn’t going to work and that we should break it off immediately. I exited the apartment, feeling a gigantic weight lifted off my shoulders. I walked outside confidently, on a mission to find my Colin in real life.

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