The Perfect Cruise (This is A Dream)

By @MONKEYmoo357

The Perfect Cruise (This is A Dream)

By @MONKEYmoo357

This story started out as a dream i had. After that it exploded into a great big adventure!

Inspired by:

Chapter 1

1 Before The Criuse

One day my friends and I were all hanging out at the beach having fun. When suddenly we heard thunder. We didn’t think too much of it and ignored it and continued to have fun. Then it started to rain very hard and it got really windy! We all thought it would be fun to play in the rain. Then we went into the water which was a big mistake!

Then wind sent a huge wave and it knocked us into the water. I hit my head on a rock and was swept away by a big wave! I tried to swim to get back to my friends but I was too far out at this time! I woke up to see my friends had all gotten swept out with me into the water! I was scared but, then Kyle swam up to me and asked me if i was ok. “ I said yeah, but I have a headache.” Kyle looked at my head and seen why! He said “ you have a big bruise on your head.” I of course had to touch it!

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