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The peace at midnight

By @mcadami23

In the beginning

one night a girl named Cecily was sitting at her window just looking outside when all of a sudden she felt a gust of cold air hit her she was a little confused since it was warm just a second ago but when she looked at the clock she noticed it was the middle of the night her mom opened her door and when she saw her daughter still awake she was a little surprised but also a little confused but either way she decided not to say anything so she closed the door and walked away. Cecily decided to go to bed so she went to bed the next thing she knew it was 9 o’clock in the morning and it was her birthday, she got out of bed and walked downstairs her mom and dad where sitting waiting for her.There was a pile of books in front of her parents.

Cecily said “what are those”.her parents looked at what she was talking about and they saw in response they said.

“We have something to tell you, we couldn’t tell you until you turned thirteen.” Cecily looked at her parents confused she didn’t know what they were talking about she turned around and said.

“What are you talking about, what’s the big secret.”

“your a witch.” said Cecily parents

“That’s a great prank mom and dad your very funny.”said Cecily

“were not kidding your leaving in two days to go to Riverdale High for witches and wizards and much more.” said her parents.

“what too days what is going on what are you talking about.”said Cecily

“your bags are pretty much packed you’ll sleep away at the school you’ll come back for the holidays and for the summer.” said Cecily’s parents

“wait your not kidding your being serious what about my friends we all wanted to start high school together what am i going to tell them what am i going to do.” said Cecily

“What ever you do they can’t find out the truth just tell them your moving our just tell them that your going to a private school which isn’t a total lie”. said Cecily’s parents

“OK ill make sure to call them.” said Cecily

Two days later Cecily was getting placed onto train with other kids going to the same school she didn’t know anybody so she found a empty booth and sat in it she was looking out the window when a kid opened the door

“may i sit here everywhere else is full and my family all kicked me out of there’s.” said the boy his voice was very sweet.

“sure come right in.” Cecily said

“Thank you im Sebastian Cullen by the way what’s your name.”said the boy

“Im Cecily Normandy, Why did your family not want you to sit with them if you don’t mind me asking.”Cecily said.

“I have no idea it’s probably because they are older then me. There very secretive around me and i never get to find out why, our what they are hiding. And i haven’t a felling that i never will find out why.” Sebastian said

“That stinks my family is also kinda secretive but im a only child so it’s mainly my parents who are secretive around me.” Cecily said

“That stinks, we should probably get dressed into are uniforms i have a felling we will be there any minute.”Sebastian said

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