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By @kiara_parks

The Parks post Intro

Hey there everyone! I’m beyond thrilled that you chose to read this book. It’s sort of my very first book and there are bound to be some or many mistakes. Please do bear with me and I promise that the quality will improve eventually. 

This story was born due to boredom and lack of work and I’m hoping to turn it into something beautiful ????


They didn’t know each other. Didn’t know how they looked. If the person behind the posts was even of the same gender as they claimed to be.

Zach and Simon had been talking to each other for a month now.

But they had never met.

The Parks Post they called it.

Each had a stack of 30 posts now with them.

Something else seems to be brewing in The Parks Cafe along with coffee.

Wouldn’t you like to know what?


Join me on this journey of Zach Connor and Simon Torrance and go through their ups and downs and rights and lefts.

I promise I’ll try to make it as NOT BORING as possible. Be patient with me, I’m also learning.

All work is of fiction and imagination and has no resemblance to anyone dead or alive. At least not on purpose. This is purely a result of my imagination and mine only, so please do not copy, steal, plagiarize, or, yada yada yada. 

All right reserved.

Do vote and comment! Love you all!


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