The Painter

By @rewind

The Painter

By @rewind

This is a poem about the nature of expression.

Chapter 1

Poem 2

“What colors would you like?”


       If only I could dip my brush

       Into the vast galaxy,

       And paint no black or white.

       With red, I’d paint

       The open walls of a dance studio.

But there’s no need.

       The dancers paint the world

        With their own passion of movement.

        I would paint the singers voice blue,

        Resignating echoes of sensitivity and inspiration.

But there’s no need

        Their emotions are vibrantly splashed

        Like water upon the audience.

        I could swipe my brush with pink

        And paint the brides cheeks and lips.

        But there’s overflowing anticipation in her eyes,

        and that’s enough.

        There’s no need to paint

        With the masters palate.

        In a black and white world,

        Souls shine through more boldly

        Than any color at all.

“Ma’am, what color?!”


     Just black and white”

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