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The pain of love

By @Topretend

Let words be told I am the man

who walked a thousand miles in the sand

every step fell in the ground

as your memory was bound

inside my mind, inside my soul

shattered shield and broken sword

I fight a demon who wont die

a battle fought between the lies

you take your aim, precise and true

bullets made to break into

my defenses in my heart

strike the core and light the sparks

watch a human burst in flames

another angel takes a name

I find heaven and some peace

but I lost what made me, me

I put my trust into that girl

she broke the mold and stole my world

I said my love was just for her

and she made me regret my words

I gave my heart, she stole my name

left me blank and in such pain

I gave up on all that’s real

I no longer want to feel

Dear Mr.Death please take the light

I no longer wish to fight this fight

this world was pain and burning flames

I want ice inside my veins

I want to be alone for now

Myself in peace amongst the clouds

In due time I will come back

to seek the sun and find my path

Until then I rest in peace

in a place where she wont be

reincarnated a rose

symbol of love and full of hope

My past has given me my thorns

but true love will still adorn

when I find her I will glow

In a moment we will know

She’ll take my hand and we will find

a love that last far more than time

ignite a flame that’s bright and true

Three simple words….




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