By @PiercedSoul01

Chapter 1

Nothing hurts better than that dry friction, piercing deep into my most frigid parts, warming me up then melting me down into a formless mass of something. Yet it’s the only time I feeling nothing and nothing hurts better.

 You and me, we see the sky like it’s meant to be seen, but we observe people from a distance. Wander around blinded by pain, your inner storm is so loud, I can barely stand in your rain. Can you recall your own smile? Before the screaming began, I show you a mirror to your soul while you kick mine again. But I won’t move. No, I’d never, ever leave you. My wings will hold onto all that you have been through. 

 Can you feel the aches in my chest? Can you touch the cracks in my heart? Can you tell where my soul begins, and where it’s been torn part? I’m made of sharp edges and pieces fit with super glue. Can you feel it? I’m a heartless enigma and a soulless slice of truth. Can you feel it? 

 I want to make love with you wildly, savagely, viciously. This insatiable need crowds out all thought except for how you feel to me. It’s more than lustful carnal craving, raw passions threaten to explode. We’re one, together in that moment senses burning, overload hearts pounding, muscles shaking, salty sweat, bodies aching. Driven into a breathless frenzy release, that moment stopped in time once more, to feel that you are mine.

 Suffering stirs up the soul. In agony, there are new realizations. Right in the middle, starts a chaotic vortex. Draining up all the energy, leaving the body numb. The mind is aware, yet it can’t control the situation. There are always the faces that have perfect smiles and eyes so exceptionally wild and alive. Just a glimpse, yet quickly they disappear.

 He rips off my insecurities and tosses them across the room, one-by-one. Then makes love to my mind, giving it endless epiphanies so that my conscience screams out in raw pleasure. At the feel of his massive humour reaching into every corner of my dusty soul. Instantly bringing renewal about the place. Simultaneously creating a new being within me, in my heart, named ‘US’.

 All these voices yelling in your head, keep telling you that’s not what you said. You don’t want to lose yourself today, to be left to soak in your endless dread. Each day is like a gun to the head, wondering when the trigger will pull and you fall dead. But you’re not gone yet. You take that as a sign to progress, to rise above with the rest. Not death, nor hate. Not guilt served on a silver platter. But the truth that you’ve always known is what always really mattered.

 I am in love with the big bad wolf that prowls my neck and howls between my legs. He has big eyes made to see my reaction as those teeth bite into the tender flesh of my throat and my, if you knew what he did with those claws of his…

  Slowly I opened my eyes but the night seems like a vivid dream. But now, the night’s over. The colors are gone, I sit alone welcoming the light of the day which hurts my eyes and breaks my heart. The dark hours provide my light. The best of me pops up at night.

 A feathered creature. A nocturnal being feared by many. With it’s stare of death, the stare that it gives with it’s tremendous eyes. What many fear the most is not it’s stare, but it’s wisdom spoken by it’s silence. Owl, wise, quiet, flying, gliding, striving.Predator, smart. Prey, small. Owl, The Lord of Night. Owl, the one that lives quiet.

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