The Orb

By @marissap03
The Orb

This is a piece of flash fiction that I hope to work into a longer story. I used the prompt "If I thought the world had ended, I was wrong...", but this was heavily inspired by the unique idea of being able to "remember" the future.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

She had seen it before, in a dream. It was exact, as if memory had been pinned from a photograph of this precise moment. But that wasn’t possible. It hadn’t existed before now. Had it?

She crossed the room to retrieve it, stopping herself just before her hands made contact with the slick, shiny surface. It will hurt. She stepped back. She wasn’t sure why she had this thought. She had never seen it before, never touched it before, never even heard tell of its effects. How could she possibly know the outcome?

Forcing logic into her mind, she stepped closer, closing the gap between her shaking hands and the glowing pillar. Fingers splayed to grasp the orb, she hesitated one last time. It will be fine, she told herself. Right?

She reached out, laying the entirety of her palm across its curving exterior, and relaxed. Pain, white hot and blistering blazed through her body like a bolt of lightning to the heart. Unable to let go, unable to grip harder, she stood suspended in this instant of terror; horror that seemed to last a lifetime in a sixty second frame. She knew then that what she thought before was true. She had seen this before, in a memory. In a memory that didn’t belong to her.

But it was too late.

That’s the problem with remembering the future. It seems a trick of the mind, a light switch turned on in the wrong room, bordering the one in use. You stand, confused, until you remember. You remember all along that this was inevitable.

If she thought the world had ended, she was wrong…

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