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The Oppressed

By @Blackrose

There was a time were people would make a mistake then learnt from them.

There was a time where we would tell each other everything,

But now those times have been whisked away from us,

Falling like dead leaves,

Dripping like blood,

Draining our souls.


There was a time were when we cried we had a shoulder to lean onto,

There was a time were when we felt guilt, there was someone we could own up to.

But now those time have be dragged away,

Like the devil has told us it is okay,

Resetting our minds into thinking that we can do no wrong.


We no longer hunger or thirst for the truth

But strive for a perfect world, but do they know, to get to this perfect world:

Lies are told,

Cries of pain are bestowed on all

Trickling onto the pavement,

Stepped on by the very soles of our feet, because those tiresome things do not matter.

“They are stunting our growth of change” they say,” trampling our dreams of ‘Hard work’ and ‘Hope’ they say.

There was a time but that time has come to s stand still,

It’s still there,


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