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The One that Got Away

By @Happycurious1

Friend - Soulmate- Lover

You were there when i didnot know i needed you.

You were always there

beside me

sharing thoughts and ideas

grand plans

and crazy trips

You were there no matter how much i loathed you

for after two minutes of bitterness flowed a sweet fragrance.

There was magic in you

to get back to you even when i was trying to run away from you.

You taught me the meaning of love

meaning of life


and silence

little moments of joy

filled our space

small bouts of realisations

deep discussions

pondering for hours

on humanity ..

on everything under the sun.

You held me hand when i couldnt walk

guided me when i was blind

opened a new world of possibilities

and new shores to swim

I was so used to you

that i forgot we were actually two

never knew what it was to part

into separate ways at last

i am happy for you

in your new world and new people

but i have remained standing holding on to your hand’s shadow

wistful, melancholy but truly happy for you.

The end of our story

has begun two new story lines

for you and for me

maybe one day we will meet again where we parted

as changed selves , with more wisdom on our brows

But i will always remember you as the one who got away !!

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