The one of legend

By @Stargazer1
The one of legend

This is a story of a boy who is in search for his own adventure and down this path of suspense and mystery will he choose the side enveloped in darkness or the side of light and golden rays? Join him in his quest to become a hero of legend.

Chapter 1

The Hidden Village

Have you ever found a story that was so thrilling and jostling that it got to the point where you couldn’t put it down? Over time as you progress through it you become more and more saturated with it. Well this story is about a young man who wished to find a story of his own and live the life as a world known hero like a child’s fairy tale. He yearned for the chance to leave his desolate life behind and find the adventure that has been calling his name. However, even though it is what his heart desired it wasn’t always what he thought he needed. This adventure will change our hero for the rest of his life whether it be for the greater good or for the good of evil. Without stalling with further delays let’s begin this story of old.

           The morning mist came rolling down the rocky cliffs, pooling into the valley which lied below. Inside this valley was a small village almost isolated from the rest of the outside world. The village was shrouded in sea of clouds sending a shivering wind through the valley. With the fog enveloping everything insight, and the air with a slight chilling effect was signaling that fall was slowly consuming the valley. Just outside the village walls lied houses scattered among the valley floor with vast fields of corn and wheat which stretched out over the rolling landscape. No painting would be capable of capturing the beauty which lied in this tremendous valley. Just as dawn was approaching, drops of golden sunlight leaked through the thicket of fog. Off in the distance you could hear the soft delicate harmony of birds preaching their joyous songs to the sleepy villagers.


           One by one farmers left their homes to tend to their crops and animals who were shaking the drowsiness from their eyes. This was the busiest time of the year, for you see once fall comes it is time for the great harvest to begin. The great Harvest was something of a holiday for these shrouded people, because it gives people the chance to show off their works of the year. Farmers show the crowds their honey colored corn and their sparkling golden rolls of wheat. Of course, there were more extravagant vegetables and fruits, but these were the most eye catching out of all. However, it wasn’t just the farmers that participated in this unique holiday black smiths, carpenters, and even shop owners would pull out their best works for the chance of a priceless sell. Everyone loved the holiday and not just for the amazing trinkets which were being sold, but at the end of each Harvest festival was the greatest feast one person could ever imagine. Everyone in the village would gather in the center of the valley and through a great variety and assortments of food together and have thrilling music which always got your feet twirling in a matter of seconds. It was the biggest holiday of the year and all of the people left with smiles on their faces for an entire week. All you could talk about was the festival and just how thrilling and marvelous it was. Yet, there was one person who loved the holiday not for the intoxicating foods or the enchanting music, but for another reason all together. The one reason why he loved this time of the year was because this was the one time of the year where the hidden valley would open up to trades men and merchants of the mysterious world which lied beyond the mountains.

           However, his favorite part was waiting for the story tellers to enter through the valley. He loved to hear stories of the outside world and to hear about the fantasies which lied just beyond his reach. All he would ever do at the festival was nag and persist that the story tellers tell him about the ancient heroes of time. His favorite was the gallant hero who conquered the wild beast of the forest and tamed the ghastly dragons of the west and also climbed the cliffs of legends. Everything within him screamed for adventure and longed to find a story to call his own. 

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