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First encounter

It’ been few years since that dream she have been dreaming off and that **** dream won’t let her forget about it until now as it keeps on repeating itself over the years.

It’s like tormenting her inner conscious like a broken record, when she almost forgets about the dream it’ll come back reminding her of its existing.

Let me tell you about the dream, it’s about a werewolf, well it’s all started when she hit her so called prime age which is 21st birthday or as she would have said her yearly annoying birth dates.

She’s that type of person not wanting a huge ass celebration for a small matter but not her family tho.

Her family is like the typical family who likes grand and luxury things just for their comfort needs thus making them like polar opposite family members.

Her family mentality is like if you have the money or budget then go big or go for it because we only live once and the money that you keep.

You know that money can’t bring to the grave or afterlife so why not use it on yourself and enjoy life kinda style.

Plus, for them go big or go home meanwhile for her, she was more of the go small and stay at home type of person.

Anyway back to her dream about the dream it was about one particular werewolf the one who constantly invade her mind.

You want to know how she know this, well it’s because of her grandparents (may their soul rest in peace) told her all about them as a bedtime story.

They will tell her everything about what a werewolf looks like from their size as in physically and also their family size.

How they eat a lot like an actual wolf, like tons of half cook meat and how they have packs in every region of the country.

Well a younger, innocent, immature and small Karol does believe her grandparents because who wouldn’t right.

She sometimes secretly wishing they are a descendent of werewolf or have any connection with them because it was cool knowing some supernatural stuff.

But as she grows up becoming a more realistic lady, she thought this supernatural stuff is just a myth and she started to dissing her younger self for obsessing with wolfs.

Her resentment of a werewolf is towards lone or a rogue werewolf gradually increasing toward other form of wolf.

Her obsession of them once has now becoming her enemy as she hates the sight of wolf or if it has any connection with a wolf even if it’s a stuff toy.

The dream has become more frequent from a yearly event to a monthly even and now as she’s approaching her 24 years’ birthday it has become a weekly dream.

Although it’s just merely approaching 4 years of dreaming the same dream but with a constant dreaming of the same dream over and over again it’ll be feeling like it’s an eternal dream that you hate.

You’ll get sick and tired of it as it torments you, every freaking time when you wanted a good rest at the end of the day but you end up reminded by the same dream.

The dream goes like this, as Karol was laying down in the middle of nowhere in a forest with a freshly raining smells surround her making her close her eyes and inhale deeply loving the surrounding.

Then out of the blue she spotted a wolf with a beautiful coat of midnight black colour or a midnight dark blue colour that almost black in colour looking at her from afar.

Both of them were surrounded by an open field with a very well organized planted tress like in most movies that you know.

Beautiful morning scenery with breeze and let me brag for a bit the scenery indeed a very breath taking ones.

But if you switch the scenery into a gloomy one you’ll be in a horror scene perfect for kidnappers to kill or a rape scene without anyone around or without people notice.

Any hoe back to the black wolf, that particular wolf was laying down looking at Karol directly well more like observing her from few feet away from where she was sitting.

By laying down on its side the wolf looks big and then what startle Karol is that when the wolf decided to stand up and nope not like human you dumb dumb it’s a werewolf so it’ll be on all four like an actual animal.

The huge wolf got up shaking its majestic fur while looking huge as **** or double the normal size of a wolf no like 3 no 5 time larger than normal wolf size.

The wolf was tall, taller than human. When Karol first see the wolf, she was dead set thought that it was a bear by its height but she gradually changes her mind from thinking it’s a bear to a huge ass wolf.

The dreams were getting clear as times goes by at first she would tell her family but as the dreams got frequent she decided to ignore it and stop telling them all about it.

The first dream about the wolf is when Karol was at the age of 21, she dreams of the black or blue midnight coat wolf where she at the same open field and the wolf was lying beside the furthers end of the trees trying to hide itself.

At the age of 22, she dreams of the same particular wolf with the same scenery an open field and the wolf was lying beside the not so further end of the trees still trying to hide itself.

At the age of 23, again the same particular dream about the particular black midnight coat wolf lying beside the trees nearer than before while looking at her with a sad pair of eyes.

At the almost age of 24 where the same particular dream and wolf got more intense as she keeps on dream of the wolf every week sometimes every 2 or 3 days with his sad pair of eyes looking directly towards her.

In the dreams the wolf was snooping around while giving out a calming and protective aura making Karol planting her ass firmly down while looking at the wolf mimicking its action.

It was as if they were just checking each other out trying to communicate but nothing come out but a few breeze of wind that caress her cheeks.

Few minutes of checking each other out she was up by an annoying loud alarm blare that make her jerk up from the dream.

The dream was not as intense as the first time well probably because she was getting familiar with that particular wolf.

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