The Offering

By @Ninjath0t
The Offering

A short story inspired by a "cursed image" found online.

Chapter 1

Eight AM, Sunday; the Lord’s day.

Upon opening my eyes to the bright new morning, I found myself still tucked in bed; a remnant of Her doing from the night before. Slowly, I removed the soft blankets, and sat up to confront my beloved constituents. Their faces, although stiff, were full of sorrow, for they knew what today’s event entails. With a calm demeanor, I greeted them each with a hug. Theodore, the eldest, squeezed back in response, his plush arms always gave me warmth. Garcia, Pouch and Mystic gazed back in unison, but I sensed their empathy thru their small black eyes. Furbison, my bright young boy, yelled in gibberish and I giggled. Even in these dark times, he still sheds light. Bless his sweet soul. Last but not least, Samantha. With her long, brown hair, and the roundest eyes, she was meant to look just like me. A true reflection of myself. I nodded to her and she stared back. Dare I saw a tear fall from her eye, but I pray that my eyes were deceiving me.

“Shh,” I cooed. “Do not cry for me, Samantha. Save your tears. I am not worthy of them. I am not worthy of you all…” I addressed the crowd.

These were my constituents, my confidants. They knew my secrets and kept them with sealed lips. They have been here since the beginning; for as long as I can remember.

These were my friends.

“Shall I not survive tonight,” I continued. “I would have done it all for you.”

Suddenly the door opened and She appeared.

She towered over us all, the gentle, giant Mistress. Strong and tall in stature, yet each step was poise and light. Her demeanor was kind but powerful. On this day, She wore her ceremonial garments; decadent clothing, suited perfectly for her form. It was pastel in color, and covered in floral patterns. A large, circular hat sat upon her head, forever suspended in-bloom. She looked stunning. She looked like Spring. In fact, she looked like Life itself.

How cruel the universe can be.

To have such a beautiful woman bring me to my death.

The time has finally come. Already? I pleated, but in silence. For she would not have acknowledged my cries. It appears she cannot understand me; my speech is foreign to her. If my words made any sense to her, I fear it would not make a difference. She was the position of authority and a control. Whatever she says is law. She was the commander of this household. I call her Mother.

In one scoop, she lifted me into her arms and off we went, leaving my friends behind.

They stood there, still and motionless. Frozen out of discontent.

Mother strapped me into the seat as if this were an ordinary day. I protested, kicked and screamed; but it was useless. She shut the door and locked me in, with a smile on her face. She took her spot in front, alongside our driver; her larger male partner. He was her second-in-command, and her most loyal servant. I call him Dad. A loyal man, Dad was. He’d follow her to the grave. I respect his intent, but his actions are subpar — how dare he standby and allow this to occur.

He was her accomplice.

I am alone in this fight.

We arrive at the fortress. A white, wooden structure, with a hexagonal roof. Hundreds gathered in front, each in line for the Offering. A plethora of giants just like Mother, carried and kept their small captives close by. Some of the little ones laughed and played with one another. I winced at their sight. They knew not of what was in store. I prayed their lives would be spared — or that their deaths were quick. I prayed that my own prayers would be answered. If there were a God, we would be saved.

Or at least that is what I hoped. The last bit of hope I have left to hold onto. For today was judgement day. The day of reckoning. Held once a year, the Sunday after the fourth full moon– I have been counting the days since the last. We, the Little Ones; are but only sacrifices for the Offering.

And I was next in line.

Mother brought me forward and I held my tongue. I dare not scream; I was now in His presence. Any fight left in me was scared away, leaving me powerless and weak with fear. I went to cover my eyes to shield them from his sights, but it was too late. My gaze met his and I was instantly locked in.

And ohh what a hideous creature he was; head held high as he sat at his throne. He was massive. Much larger than the giants like Mother and her manservant. He was covered in hair from head to toe, with matted patches spread randomly throughout. He wore sickly bright clothing, with dizzying spots and ruffles. His was aura was damp and dirty, yet his hairy skin remained a pristine white. He would have been somewhat “adorable” had it not been for his eyes. His dark, soulless eyes, that sunk into his deformed head. His ears flopped out and forward, past his sinister glare. He motioned forward and Mother answered by placing me firmly onto his lap. The Final Decision was to be made.

Show mercy! I wanted to say, but only screams and cries were all that I could manage. But was it enough? I was spared the last time; surely I can pass his judgement again. Or will he not be so forgiving?

Oh, please, oh Great One! I wept.

Show me mercy!

His eyes met mine once more. In complete silence, he turned away and faced forward.

With a sudden FLASH — my world was engulfed in white.

“Say ‘Cheeeese!’… Aw, Samantha, baby girl, you weren’t looking… Let’s take this one again, okay? I’ll count to three. Smile with the Easter Bunny, Sammy! One… Two… Three!”

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