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The Novelist’s Mansion

By @johnfletcher259


If I had known this party celebrating a novelist’s birthday my friend had somehow gotten invited to was going to turn into a murder mystery I would have never agreed to show up, but here I am, locked inside the lavish lounge of the now dead author within his needlessly massive mansion nearly thirty-five miles away from the nearest city. The strikingly stereotypical detective, who I think was even carrying a Colt Detective Special in his waistband, told us all to stay put in the lounge while he looked around for clues concerning who murdered the author, I’m surprised he wasn’t burning up given his large beige trenchcoat.

I stuck out like a sore thumb among the other guests, given my friend never told me the attire for the party was extremely formal, I’m surprised they even let me in considering I arrived wearing boots, bluejeans, and my dark blue button-up, basically the nicest clothes I could find in my closet because of the short notice my friend gave me. 

Speaking of my friend, he showed up wearing a full suit which looks to be patterned like a peacock’s feathers and a short tophat decorated with what I can only assume are also peacock feathers. I decided that we weren’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon, so I thought I might as well strike up a conversation with my friend to kill some time.

“Hey, how long do you think this is gonna take? I have work in the morning and it’s already 12 o’clock.”

“You’re asking the wrong guy, man. Sorry about dragging you into this though, I knew the author guy from college and he sent me the invitation out of nowhere and it said I needed to bring a guest and you were the first one to come to mind.” He replied.

“Well this isn’t exactly my type of party if I’m being completely honest, there wasn’t even any music playing before your author friend kicked the bucket, no offense.”

“None taken, I hadn’t even talked to the guy since college so him inviting me to this was pretty surprising, although I hate to admit it, I had kinda forgotten he existed.” He said.

“Well I’m gonna go introduce myself to the other guests, might as well since we’re probably gonna be here all night, see ya.” I replied.


All in all, it was a pretty small event, with just four other guests, not including my friend or I. I guess the author didn’t have many friends, although he seemed fairly outgoing when I met him as I entered his mansion. A tall, wiry man who wore a leopard print suit with a matching bowtie stood near the door holding a glass of outrageously expensive wine with his thumb and index finger on his right hand. I’m not even sure if he had even taken a sip of the wine yet. His skinny, short face was decorated with a thin mustache and a monocle. 

Next to him stood an equally tall woman, who I could only assume was his guest. She wore a long red dress, which looked to be made of an extremely itchy material. She also had on a pair of bright red heels which only added to how tall she looked. The woman was visibly frightened due to the events which took place only an hour before, I overheard her ask the tall man if they could just leave already, I couldn’t make out his response though I’m sure he told her no. 

The other two guests were a pair of twins, though one was shorter and heavier set than the other, you could still see they were identical. The taller one, who only made it up to my shoulders, was actually a fairly broad man who looked like he hit the gym just about everyday, he wore an equally large suit with a pinstripe design to it, his undershirt was clearly a few sizes too small. His twin, an even shorter and heavier looking man wore a similar pinstripe suit although he hung up the jacket, probably due to him getting too warm, which was obvious to tell from the wet spots under his arms and around his neck. 

Before I got a chance to decide which of the guests I would talk to, we heard three slow, loud bangs on the only door going out of the room.


The taller twin was the first to look up and exclaimed “must be the detective back with his verdict,” as he walked towards the door. “Guess I’ll get it.”

He slowly opened the door as we stood still in anticipation. When the door opened, we all saw the detective standing in the doorway with a look of pure shock and terror plastered on his face, his mouth looked as though it was locked open and his eyes were wide with fear, he toppled forward into the arms of the twin at the door, revealing the large kitchen knife protruding from his back. The tall woman in the red dress fainted as she saw the bloody knife.

It looked like we weren’t alone in this house.

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